Suffering as Proof that God Exists

Jesus Christ was Punished Unjustly and Suffered More Pain than Anyone in History

The evidence of suffering does not constitute the non-existence of God. In contrast to this concept, suffering is the evidence of a loving God. The question is answered within the nature of God Himself. He is a loving God who is just. He is also the Creator of the universe, of the earth, of animals and of humankind. Man was made in the image and likeness of God and attributes of such are evident in the very fiber of mankind's existence.

Many people view suffering as injustice and evil. They weep over starving children in Somalia, have compassion on those who suffer at the hands of evil people, and desire vengeance upon those who would dare inflict pain upon innocents. Evil people are rarely evil for evil's sake. Often they also desire companionship and are motivated by a twisted desire to do what is right. God's image is stamped into the very DNA of humanity. When looking at suffering, mankind calls upon the divine nature of God within to make a moral judgment.

It is easy to say that God doesn't care about the suffering of innocent people because of His lack of action to stop it. God has proven just the opposite though. Jesus Christ, the only sinless Man was punished unjustly and suffered more pain than anyone in history.

When suffering is thrown at a person, it is easy to forget that God knows what it is like to suffer. Jesus was fully man and fully God. He had the free will of man, He was tempted just as man, but His suffering far overshadowed any suffering ever known. He experienced the full extent of God's wrath and was utterly forsaken. He knows what it's like to suffer, and His suffering, His death, His resurrection and the promise of His return are absolute assurance of the end of suffering.

God has done something about injustice. He sent His only Son to die out of pity and love for mankind. Humans are motivated by Scripture to suffer well just as Christ suffered well. When people endure suffering, they get only a taste of what kind of suffering Jesus endured. It should be looked upon as a blessing to suffer with Christ because if those who suffer well are able to express compassion and love, just as God Has done for them. God proved His love through suffering and believers can prove how God's love is real through personal suffering.

Written by: Roberto Perez