Prophetic Word, an Overview of Worldviews

Introduction to Prophecy

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The woman in front of you has a shopping cart filled to the brim. You walk wearily up to the only available check out. You have done your research, you walked up and down the aisle looking for signs of a quick getaway. You examine the number of people in line and the amount of groceries in each cart. Algebra was not your best subject but here you are a math whiz. You quickly calculate the people-to-grocery-to-checkout-lady ratio and divide by the fourth power. Within a fraction of a second, you find the common denominator and carry the decimal point only to realize that a quick getaway is simply not possible.

Defeated, you choose the 15-minute line and prepare for old age. As the woman in front of you argues intensely with the check-out lady about the price of cantaloupe, your eyes wander to and fro in search of entertainment. The impulse buyer trap is filled with goodies, including pen flashlights, fingernail clippers, batteries and magazines.

A magazine is just what the doctor ordered and you are drawn inexplicably to the black and white mag with a headline that reads, “Elvis Spotted.” But what draws you to this particular literary masterpiece is the sub-section below the headline, “Nostradamus Predicts Dinosaur Takeover.” Finally some real answers.


Society is enamored with the thought of mediums solving murders, horoscopes, and psychic friend hotlines. However, studies have shown that modern-day psychics and their prophecies seldom come to pass. Most predictions are vague and can only generically fit into any type of situation. Such are Nostradamus' predictions.

Prophecy and revelation are judged simply by accuracy. Many the world religions include prophecies, and it is in this realm that any religion can be affirmed or discredited. The test of a true prophecy are.

How specific is the prophecy?

How many events can a prophecy fit into?

Does the prophecy come to pass?

This three-part series discusses prophetic predictions and fulfillment in astrology, religion and psychics. The purpose of this is to equip Christians with an overview of world views and arguments for or against them. Knowledge of the history and the specifics of prophetic predictions will help solidify your faith as well as provide another weapon in the evangelistic apologists arsenal.

Written by: Roberto Perez