Proof for the Existence of God

Suffering Would be Meaningliness and Life Would be Hopeless if God Did Not Exist

The world can often times seem desolate and bleak. Looking back through history, man is reminded of wars, of genocide, and heartbreak. Believers search for what will bring happiness. Once found, those things become an open door to much more disappointment. The cycle of hopelessness leads one to believe that hope is just a pipe dream and happiness is a carrot on a stick.

Soon, people begin to realize the impossibility to substantially place human suffering in a purposeful, much less a meaningful position. Maybe God is trying to teach people a lesson of sorts. It could be that the things of God are too lofty for mankind to comprehend. Serious questions arise. What sort of lesson is God trying to teach a kidnapped child in Africa who is forced to take drugs and murder others? Why does God choose not to disclose His lofty ways for us to rationalize suffering at a minimum?

Humans draw conclusions in the mind. If God exists then he doesn't care about innocent people suffering, or He simply refuses to interfere with injustice which would make Him unloving, or He is impotent and cannot stop the suffering. The answer might just be that God simply does not exist. Faith shattering implications, which is why it is important to look at the alternative.

An atheistic worldview describes life in the universe as an undirected process. The things that resemble design are not designed, merely the appearance of such. Suffering has absolutely no meaning, mankind has no free will, and love is not love, simply the appearance of such.

Art, poetry, song, the love of a mother to child have no significance. Mankind is reduced to an animalistic nature where existence is boiled down to eating food and procreation; a place where asking the question, "God, do you truly love me?" will never produce an answer. Never.

Humans are fortunate creatures who do live in a world where God truly exists. There is tremendous suffering in the world but mankind also experiences the thrills of joy and the comfort of love. Humans are not illusions of design, but according to the Bible, are "fearfully and wonderfully made" by a loving and passionate God.

So what is the true meaning behind suffering. A world in which God does not exist can truly never provide answers. Suffering really would be meaningless and life would be hopeless. Thankfully, the world is sustained by a very real God and even without all the answers, believers have a relationship with the One who holds all the answers alone.

Written by: Roberto Perez