Christianity versus New Ageism

Reaching Out to Counteract New Ageism

New Age philosophers and secular psychologists tell people that their inner voice is the truth and the soul has all the answers. And while those who access the Holy Spirit count on the mind of Christ and the voice of God to speak truth and offer guidance, nonbelievers tend to wander from one spiritual truth to another; they follow their heart and let instinct lead the way.

The Bible says that thoughts and actions that have not been filtered through the Holy Spirit can actually war against the truth of God. For anyone who is new to Christianity, this concept is one of the hardest to understand, but also one of the most important. Christians must get in the habit of ignoring initial responses in order to perform the perfect will of God. To do that, a Christian filter must be put in place to get rid of the garbage that often enters and occupies the human mind.

Christianity carries age-old thought into the modern-day world. It does not conform to cultural attitudes nor does it change with time. Christianity is an unchanging reality that refuses to be minimized or distorted, although people continue to twist the Word of God to fit their needs. They also choose to follow certain portions of Scripture and to ignore others. That is the basis of New Age practices: Take a little of this and a little of that in a way that feels good and does not challenge the problem of self will.

It is impossible to mix New Age ideologies with the laws of God and call it Christianity, and yet people try and do it all the time. But Christianity is a pure religion. When elements are added or taken away, it becomes impure. Think about white paint. Even the smallest amount of brown makes it another color. It becomes off-white or antique white, or with enough brown, it turns to beige. When removing the red tint from the color orange, the result is yellow. When color is added or taken away, it is no longer the color it once was. The same is true for Christianity. Anything added or taken away dilutes the Gospel. And it puts God in an improper light.

New Age philosophers often create a non-biblical view of God. Some believe they are God, or have a revelation of God that is different from the written Word. And millions of people drift from the truth to the watered-down versions of Christianity so that they can live their life free from the constraints of an unchanging moral law.

New Ageism teaches that humans are basically good and its philosophies center on religious tolerance and moral diversity. Christianity teaches that human nature is to sin and the goal in life is to overcome a natural propensity to defy God. There is no wiggle room in Christianity because God's moral law was written in stone for the Israelites thousands of years ago. The law by itself was not enough to keep the Israelites from rebellion and sin, so God sent his son as a sinless sacrifice so that humans would have a way out of sin. The cross not only offers redemption and salvation for the soul, it gives believers the right to repent and be forgiven.

The New Age movement has provided many paths to spirituality. But it lacks the power of the cross and is therefore a movement without an end. Those involved in New Ageism continue to seek after something that is not there, and so the journey never ends. With Christianity, the truth is written and the answers are found in the Bible, and at the cross of Jesus Christ.

Written by: Jamee Rae