Christian Timeline - Evolution Versus Creation

The Identity of the Intelligent Desiner and His Relationship to Mankind is the Main Focus of Apologetics

The most interesting point about evolution is that its supporters love to give it all of the time in the universe to do its thing. Time is a strange thing indeed. One could argue that because humans are finite that time exists only in the mind. Because humans do in fact have a measurement that called time, time will be used in supporting or discrediting evolutionary biology.

The fossil record shows no evidence of transitional creatures. One cannot determine that one species evolved into another. This is why the missing link is missing.

The creation of proteins that compile a strand of DNA is not enough to create life. Amino acids join to form proteins. The proteins are then ordered specifically, which in turn creates DNA. DNA then must find a way to recreate itself multiple times to form a cell. This process must be duplicated with other variations of DNA coding to craft other forms of cells.

These cells then have to have within themselves enough instruction to form together to build tissue. Tissue forms organs and based off of the DNA coding, cellular structure and a little luck, you now have life.

In perspective, the improbability of the correct amino acids finding each other with the right bonds at random is a feat in and of itself. Imagine the complete process billions of times over to account for the variations of the DNA coding and cellular implementation in all forms of plants and animals. The evolutionary timeline continues to grow.

This is an embarrassing revelation to the evolutionist. Evolution is an outdated and flawed theory at best. The best Darwinist explanation is to add more time to the theory. As the fossil record gathers, the search for the missing link doesn't seem to be bringing any results. While they wish upon a star that an African fish with fins that resemble arms is proof, La Chupa Cabra and Bigfoot are more likely to show their faces.

The complex and radical changes needed to transition one creature into another are astounding and transitional changes of one creature forming into a multitude of other species is even more ridiculous. Life has an uncanny resemblance to design.

The only explanation worth talking about is Intelligent Design. If a creator does exist, who is He? Proving that Intelligent Design is the best theory is just the starting point to effective apologetic discourse. The identity of the Designer and His relationship to mankind is the main focus of Apologetics. Without Jesus Christ and His love, proof of design is rendered useless.

Written by: Roberto Perez