Apologetics and the Missing Books of the Bible

The Book of Judas is Used to Refute the Gospels, But It Has Not Been Validaated

You're in the midst of bloodthirsty unbelievers ready for action. You've psyched yourself up ready for the fruitful harvest. A quick trip to the grocery store is in order because you know the whole town is coming to your Bible study tonight. You brought swimming trunks just in case you need to baptize the mayor, the sheriff and the county commissioner in the fountain just outside of city hall. It's game time.

You whisper a little prayer for anointing as you approach your future disciples. Wait...they notice you and see the Bible in your hand. No fear, this is it.

Evangelism is the backbone of Christianity. We were commanded by Jesus to make disciples. In this day and age people are not as easily convinced as they once were. Society is no longer superstitious, they want proof. Or do they?

Many people saw the works of Jesus first hand and still refused to follow Him. So proof is not what they want, but proof certainly helps. A man cannot follow what he believes in his heart unless he is convinced in his mind that it is true. Apologetics helps the unity of the heart and mind to believe and have faith.

Today, many philosophies and conspiracy theories plague the minds of unbelievers. A fictional book entitled "The Divinci Code" stirred up minds to question the content of the Bible. An ancient manuscript of the Book of Judas was discovered and placed on the news as the missing book of the Bible.

The problem lies within the realm of ancient literature and media. The academic community never argues the validity and accuracy of Biblical text. There are numerous ancient manuscripts of the New Testament available to view even today. The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls revealed to the world that the content of the Old Testament has been preserved.

There have been many television shows and documentaries on the Book of Judas. This book supposedly reveals that Jesus commanded Judas to betray Him. When taken into Biblical context, this book is contradictory to the accounts given in the Gospels. There is no other evidence to support the validity of this book and only one manuscript of it has been discovered. This missing book of the Bible should stay lost.

The Bible has been painstakingly preserved throughout the ages. Gaining more knowledge on a subject such as ancient literature can help in shutting down arguments. As you continue to study apologetics, remember that not everybody who met Jesus followed Jesus. Preach the Gospel and make sure that your trip to the grocery store was not in vain.

Written by: Roberto Perez