Blessed are the Pure in Heart -- The Beatutitudes

In the Sixth Beautitude Jesus Says that the Pure in Heart will See God

Blessed Pure in Heart
The Beatitudes are a collection of promises recorded in the book of Matthew. They present seven different attitudes of the heart that come with a promise of blessing. Jesus spoke these promises in His Sermon on the Mount, to a multitude of followers who needed more than just physical healing and deliverance. Jesus was giving them an opportunity to seek an intimate relationship with God through a right heart.

Each beatitude, which simply means supreme blessedness, begins with the phrase “blessed are.” These words imply that whoever participates in that right heart attitude will benefit from being in a perpetual state of receiving God's favor. It was this continual blessing that Jesus knew was going to fulfill the needs of His followers. The sixth beatitude is for those who are pure in heart. Jesus said, “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” (5:8)

The heart represents the inner man. It is referred to as the “seat of thought and emotion,” the center of the character of the individual. God, through King Solomon, warned His people to guard their hearts. The New Living Translation states: “Guard your heart above all else, for it determines the course of your life.” (Proverbs 4:23) It is out of the heart that sin and obedience, rebellion and submission, hatred and love can all come.

God was instructing His people to watch what enters into the heart, because what comes out of it can either make or break one's destiny in Him. A heart that is seared by sin, or bent on rebellion, or even clouded with doubt, cannot openly receive all that God has to offer. And a heart that is closed to Him will not only miss out on His blessing, but also will not be able to fulfill the things that He wants to do through them.

Those who keep their hearts pure have the promise of seeing God, that is, the promise of truly knowing and understanding who He is and what He wants to accomplish through them. To them, God will reveal Himself and make His presence known. They will be a vessel that He can use to draw others to Himself. They will benefit from seeing the hand of God move in the lives of those to whom they minister. They will see the sick healed, the lost saved, the broken restored. All of these are evidences of the power of God, and those who endeavor to keep themselves in right standing with God will be a witness to His presence at work in their lives.

Written by: Amy Miller