Lessons from the book of Timothy

Life Application from the Timothy and Paul

The book of I Timothy is one of three pastoral epistles written by the Apostle Paul. The pastoral epistles show a softer side of Paul as he neared the end of his life. Paul considered Timothy his son in the Lord and his love is evident throughout the content of I and II Timothy. These small letters can be used as an illustration of how Christians can become true sons and daughters and fathers in the Lord.

“Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ, by the commandment of God our Savior and the Lord Jesus Christ, our hope,” I Timothy 1:1

On the road to Damascus, Jesus spoke to Saul (Paul) and gave him a new name. With a new mission and a new life though Christ, the man who was once Saul the persecutor received the title of Paul the Apostle. The introduction of himself in his letters, Paul goes beyond “Hello this is Paul.” He identifies himself as a servant of Christ.

As God extends his mercy and grace toward humans and they receive Christ, each is given a new name and identity. That identity is that of Jesus Christ because they are adopted into His family. God becomes father as they emulate His fatherly attributes, just as Paul recognizes that this fatherly epistle was given by the commandment of God (v.1).

“To Timothy, a true son in the faith: Grace and mercy, and peace form God our Father and Savior.” I Timothy 1:2

Timothy was considered to be Paul's son. Like an earthly family, the Christian family bond is strengthened by Christ as people allow themselves to be fathered. Timothy was Paul's son because he had proven himself to be a true disciple.

Timothy was trusted by Paul enough that he was chosen as Paul's successor. The churches were commanded by Paul to listen to Timothy's words as if they were his own.

There are many among the Christian brethren that have a desire to be in the ministry. Preaching, evangelizing, missionary work, and Christian counseling can only be achieved by gaining a heart of service and sacrifice. Those who are chosen by God for the ministry are those who choose a life of sonship and true daughters in Christ.

Becoming sons and daughters in the Lord is an everyday choice in the life of a Christian. Often times, leaders and pastors can say or have their spiritual children follow advice that they don't like, or to act upon things they don't necessarily agree with. = However, if leaders prove themselves as fathers, then a believer's success depends on their willingness to become true sons or daughters.

Written by: Roberto Perez