How to Write a Statement of Faith

What is a Church Statement of Faith?

A statement of faith is a written declaration of a church's central tenets and beliefs. They are typically expressed in a way that inspires the support and ongoing commitment of the congregation, and are designed to motivate those connected to the church. A statement of faith should be convincing and easy to grasp, letting others both inside and outside of your religious community exactly how you feel about Christ, God, and your church's role in the lives of your members and your community.

Some churches write statements of faith for many different aspects of their ministries. For others, a few easy to memorize sentences serve their needs. In either case, although the ideals of your church are probably well known to your congregation, clearly stating your beliefs will help to draw others to your group's message of love and devotion.

Your statement of faith should address at least three things: the purpose, activities, and values of your church or religious group.

What is the purpose of your congregation? What opportunities or needs are you here to address?

What are the activities of your congregation? How are you moving to meet the needs of your members and your community?

What are your congregation's values? What aspects of Christian ministry are most important to you? How do they guide your actions and beliefs?

A well-written statement of faith will address and answer these questions in a way that is clear and easy to understand.

"The mission of the First Baptist Church is to provide spiritual guidance and a haven for those in need, in the spirit of the infinite love and forgiveness of our Savior, Jesus Christ. Through extensive community service, social support, and spreading the word of our Lord's compassionate mercy, we embrace responsible ministry through the teachings of the Bible, the divinely inspired word of God."

"The Second Methodist Congregation exists to foster a healthier and holier lifestyle in our community, through Biblical teachings and regular worship of Jesus Christ, who died for our sins. We express our message of hope and compassion through good works in our community and a reattachment to the ideal of loving one another through God's eyes."

By clearly stating your church's purposes, activities, and beliefs, you will give your congregation a newfound sense of purpose, while at the same time expressing your purpose to those outside your religious community. A well-written statement of faith will ultimately lend both authority and appeal to your religious group's membership and mission.

Written by: Bob Robertson