Church Fundraising Basics and Ideas

How to Organize a Religious Fundraiser

hands holding money
Want to Start Something Special? Earning money for your church is not always easy, but challenges keep us grounded and observant of our true needs. Raising money is something all self-sustaining groups have to do to continue to support their communities. With some enthusiasm, dedication, and careful planning, we can help your religious fundraiser be a resounding success!

Set a Goal!
You probably have a fund goal you'd like to reach - if you don't, this is your first step! How much money would you like to raise for your religious group?

Once you've got your goal, how are you going to reach it? In part, this decision will be based upon your volunteers. How many people are willing to donate their time? Are they friendly and motivated? Who will your volunteers be selling to? Schools and places of business can be excellent for products like jewelry and candy, while social groups and neighborhoods are often better for things like flowers and magazines.

Do your volunteers have sales experience, or would it be helpful for them to have a brochure or a standard sales pitch direct from your supplier? As much as possible, make sure your volunteers are going to be confident and comfortable in what they're selling.

Plan Ahead!
Plan your fundraiser well in advance - take your time in deciding how you'd like to you raise your moneys. Instead of rushing your project, make sure it's centered around four things:

Your church!
Your community!
Your season!
Your message!

This is where your church's personality comes in! Which programs and groups are most attended in your church? If you have a large women's circle, think about their hobbies and interests when planning. Look at the people who are making the most of their involvement and ask, "What would they enjoy selling to their neighbors and co-workers?" You may find that your community is really outgoing and would greatly benefit from discount cards and books that keep them out on the town, saving money (thanks to you)!

'Tis the Season
Season is also very important when choosing your fundraiser. Be aware of the seasons and how they're changing. If you live in Minnesota and are raising money in January, for example, you probably don't want to run a carwash. Likewise, if you're approaching Lent, candy and sweets are out of the question for many churches. If you live in a rural area, on the other hand, flower and garden products are perfect in the right seasons. Imagine gardens across your community springing up with small signs that say: "This Garden Grown in God's Light - Holy Baptist Church".

Selecting the right product, event, or letter-writing campaign for your needs is one of the most important steps to making sure your fundraiser is a wonderful success! With so many choices, it might take time to find the perfect one - be patient and plan carefully to meet your goals.

Next, let's learn more about working with a fundraising team to raise the needed funds for your church.

Written by: Bob Robertson