Old Testament Prophecies -- an Introduction

More Than 300 Old Testament Prophecies Prove the Accuracy of the Word of God in the Bible

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God desires to have intimate fellowship with His most treasured creation, mankind. And yet mankind in and of themselves, with their imperfections and human limitations, are not fully capable of understanding God, or even effectively communicating with Him.

As evidenced throughout the history of the Israelites, many do not have a desire to listen for or respond to the voice of the Lord. And for those who do, it is a challenge to be completely receptive to His voice, given the persistent and deceptive voice of Satan, the enemy of man's soul.

For some, distinction between the voice of God and the murmurings of Satan is not always clear. And often those who think they have heard from God will still question what was said. From God's perspective, His spoken Word does not require proof of authenticity. He knew that mankind needed more tangible evidence of Himself and His spoken Word. For these reasons, God chose to establish His communication to mankind through the written Word.

This Word, called the Bible, was written over a period of 1600 years by 40 different writers, expressed in three different languages. And yet, despite the diversity of personalities and experiences, each writer not only wrote the words that God wanted communicated, but also wrote them using the same language, spiritually speaking. Of course, this is because everything that had been written first came from the mouth of God. But unfortunately, for the hardcore skeptic, this may not be proof enough of the truth or validity of the Word.

While there are very few humans who could logically and effectively convince a critic that the Bible is the infallible and timeless Word of God, God does not leave room in His Word for those that vacillate between belief and unbelief. Either the Word of God is the exact expression of the will of God for all of mankind, or millions of individuals throughout all of history have dedicated their lives, even lost their lives, to the most tragic and unprofitable scheme ever concocted by man. This is a decision that each individual needs to make for themselves.

Those that choose to accept and receive the Word of God could easily spend a lifetime searching out the hidden treasures of wisdom and revelation found within its pages. Kevin Conner, on page 21 of his book titled The Foundations of Christian Doctrine, makes a great statement: “The Holy Scriptures are a revelation of God, coming from God, and flowing through and to man. They are the only inspired and infallible divine revelation ever given to man and are the supreme authority in all matters of faith and morals.” Those who will not accept the authority of the Word of God cannot benefit from its wisdom. This includes the revelation of Jesus Christ and the salvation made available through Him.

Jesus Christ is the common thread, or “red thread&rdquo as He is often called, found in every book of the Bible. While He is not named in the Old Testament, His Messianic image is stamped in more than 300 hundred prophetic messages. Many of these messages were spoken or written hundreds of years before He was even born. And while critics may baulk at the possibility of such things occurring, again it comes back to the decision to fully accept or fully reject the Word of God.

The fact that there are prophecies that have already come to pass with incredible accuracy is evidence that there is a significantly higher intellect at work. God, who is not confined by space or time, also is not restricted by any limitations in wisdom or knowledge. Everything that had taken place throughout all of history, prior to the coming of Christ, had an impact on the overall condition of mankind, both good and bad. And yet, all those events had a specific part in the divine design that God had established from the very beginning.

The interactions of all of mankind since the inception of creation, including their acts of rebellion and spiritual avoidance, did not go unnoticed. Rather, God wove them together into the intricate details of His plan of redemption. All of these threads came together at the exact and unaltered time that God had ordained for His Word to be fulfilled. This was not, shall it be said, humanly possible. Nor is it humanly possible to even have written such a vast and detailed collection without it having been inspired by the only original and omniscient Author, God Himself. And the Word, which He authored, became flesh and was fulfilled completely through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Written by: Amy Miller