List of Christian Holidays

Understanding the Feasts and Holidays of Christianity

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Christian holidays are special, because they allow Christians to reflect upon the important events in the history and tradition of the church. Sharefaith is the web's foremost media provider when it comes to Christian artwork for these important Christian holidays. If you're planning anything for a Christian holiday, make sure you first find out how Sharefaith can make it a powerful and unforgettable event. Learn more or click here to get started.

The Christian faith is rich in tradition, holidays, observances, feasts, and celebrations. Some of these holidays are as well known as Christmas, which is celebrated worldwide. Other observances, such as Maundy Thursday, may be less well known, even to many Christians. The observance and celebration of these days vary according to denomination, country, and level of traditionalism.

These articles give insight into the significance and meaning of these Christian holidays. You will learn about some significant celebrations you may not have known about, and maybe some that you would like to incorporate into your own worship.

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