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Each of the membership plans are product-related, with the COMPLETE membership plan being the most popular, as it offers the best price and value and includes all products and service we offer. Nowhere else on the planet can you get a church website, pre-built mobile app, 90,000 graphics, a year-long Sunday School curriculum, a tithing / online giving platform, and worship presentation software, all combined for under $1,000. You work with one company, one support team and have one bill!

From A Passionate Team

We love Jesus. We love the church. We love technology. A powerful mix!

The Sharefaith Team

We proclaim the Gospel through creating cutting edge media and technology solutions that equip the entire ministry team and all ministry platforms to serve and teach with excellence. We live and work through the power of the Holy Spirit. We empower churches with technology that points to Jesus. We put people over profit. We serve God first, family second and work last. We pray big, expect big and operate big. We believe that nothing is impossible with God. We are Sharefaith!

$5,000 in resources. Only $88/m

One Company. One Bill. Your Outreach and Ministry Solutions in One Place!