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Aaron Martinez Aaron Martinez holds a Bachelor's in Theology and is currently pursuing his Master's Degree in Theology with a concentration in Philosophy and Apologetics from Trinity Theological Seminary. He also completed a one-year internship in a life skills and ministry training program. Aaron has been playing drums as part of a church Worship Team for more than 10 years, and for seven years has been a member of a youth-inspired band called Reign. Aaron teaches Church History at Siskiyou Bible College and is a Youth Group ministry leader. His main emphasis lies in accurate exegesis of Scripture, attention to theological doctrine, and the defense of the Christian faith.
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Amber Martinez Amber Martinez is currently serving on the mission field in Cambodia. She is from Medford, Oregon, where she has been a member of Joy Christian Fellowship for more than 20 years. The oldest of six siblings, Amber comes from a wonderful Christian home where she received encouragement and support to pursue her dream of serving the Lord in Asia. Prior to landing on the mission filed, Amber completed a two-year Christian service internship called Armor Bearers and completed a two-year program through Southern Oregon Art School. Amber also earned a Bachelor's Degree in Biblical Theology. Soon after graduation, she responded to the call and departed for Cambodia. Amber enjoys writing about her thoughts and experiences that may be helpful to those who are newcomers to the mission field. In addition to writing, she is an artist who specializes in large-scale paintings and murals. She has found an opportunity to use her artwork for the Lord by painting murals in Cambodia, and also selling some of her work for charity. Visit website at: www.amberincambodia.com or www.cambodiaoutreach.org
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Amy Miller Amy Miller is a stay-at-home mom and homeschools her two children, 12-year-old Tony and 10-year-old Lexi. She is the coordinator for High Tower Home School Ministries, a thriving homeschool group based in Southern Oregon. Amy is co-owner of The Writer's Friend, a writing and editing firm that provides pre-publication services for individuals and small businesses. Amy is also a second-year Bible college student and hosts a weekly women's fellowship in her home. Amy enjoys cooking, crocheting, researching and studying Biblical and historical information, and reading expositional books by Christian authors. Amy desires to have a positive impact on the lives of others by supporting and encouraging other homeschooling moms, and living her passion for God and His Word.
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Connie Ruth Christiansen Connie is a long-time teacher of college academics, Bible, drama and music. She has been involved in worship ministry for more than 20 years. As an inspirational musician, speaker and author, her desire is to motivate members of the Body of Christ to their true destiny: Healthy, vibrant, free to worship, confident to share their unique gifts within the church, and bold to actively share their faith with a world that so desperately needs to experience the love of God. To provide feedback on Connie's articles or to contact her, write to: beautyforashes@live.com.
Daniel L. Christiansen Daniel L. Christiansen holds a PhD (ABD) from Highland Theological Seminary in Scotland, a Master's in Exegetical Theology from Western Seminary and Bachelor's from Multnomah School of the Bible. He has been a faculty member of Multnomah University since 1995, teaching Hellenistic Greek, Old Testament Literature, New Testament Literature, Systematic Theology, Biblical Theology and Bible Study Methods, among other courses. Christiansen is a former faculty member of Portland Bible College and spent seven years in Pastoral Ministry. He is a speaker, an award-winning translator for National Poet Laureate in Romania, a member of Mensa International, DEX National Honor Society, Evangelical Honor Society and other such organizations.
Daniel Threlfall Daniel Threlfall is one of Sharefaith's Social Media Gurus. Apart from being a freelance writer he is also active as a Sunday school teacher and evangelism coordinator at his local church in South Carolina. Daniel has a wonderful wife and two very cute little girls.
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GG Jorose GG Jorose is a freelance writer who has been creating marketing copy for the past 18 years. To generate text copy for web sites, brochures, newsletters, advertisements and other marketing collateral, GG has collaborated with presidents and executive managers of companies, as well as many heads of agencies. Most recently, GG has clients in the Christian, hospitality, retail, travel and tourism industries.
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Jillian Mohr Jillian Mohr is a bible college student who will graduate with a Biblical Theology Degree in January 2009. Jillian's previous profession was in the medical field. She is currently a stay-at-home wife and mom with three children: Destiny, Matthew and Joseph.
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Karen Fronek, Make It Happen Marketing Inspiration for Karen Fronek came early in her career as a member of the Walt Disney creative team. With the same passion and energy as Walt himself, Karen acts as president and creative director for Make It Happen in Southern Oregon. Make It Happen is an integrated image marketing firm involved in all aspects of marketing and media using a mindful and authentic approach that results in health and wealth for businesses.
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Kerrie Hubbard Kerrie Hubbard is both a writer and an award-winning illustrator who has owned a business in Clackamas, Oregon, called Hubbard Copy and Design. For eight years, she has offered creative services to mostly serving small to mid-sized businesses. Kerrie has been published in numerous magazines, including Focus on the Family, Travel Post Monthly, Happiness Magazine and Story Mates Magazine, among others. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Development with an emphasis on Art.
Larry Kennedy From an early age Larry had a tender heart towards the things of God. After high school, he went on a music scholarship tour representing Columbia Christian College in Portland Oregon. Larry then attended Abilene Christian University where he received a Bachelor├ó┬?┬?s degree in Bible and was active in local churches, teaching, preaching and leading worship. From ACU, Larry pursued graduate school at Pepperdine University.

After relocating from L.A to Portland, Larry began leading worship, enjoyed a unique, seven-year ministry as a lay chaplain with Multnomah County and worked as a corrections officer. Now married to Laura, Larry became a full-time worship leader and small group leader at Sunnyside Foursquare Church. For the next 21 years, he developed an influential worship ministry. Along with training teams, mentoring and hosting conferences, Larry wrote songs from his personal devotional life.

Larry recently completed a Master of Religion Degree in Biblical Studies at Warner Pacific College in Portland. The longing of his heart is to see a national outpouring of God├ó┬?┬?s restorative glory in the U.S. and in other countries. While ministering locally, Larry has also participated in many short-term overseas mission trips. He now ministers on the leadership team at New Wine Christian Fellowship, an independent church started in 2004 while he continues to regularly touch local churches, ministering in worship, training and encouraging worship teams.
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Maryann West Maryann West has been pastoring youth for the past 14 years. In addition to pastoring teens, she is currently working with a college intern program, discipling and mentoring students in ministerial and life skills. Maryann obtained her Bachelor's of Theology in 2000 from Siskiyou Bible College and is on staff as a professor with the college. Maryann is married with three children and resides in Southern Oregon.
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Pastor Paul Hamlett Pastor Paul Hamlett has been in the ministry for 32 years, serving as both associate and senior pastor, as well as worship leader. His passion is to lead God's people into the presence of God and to teach Christians how to walk with God. Paul is currently serving as prayer and small group leader at his church in Medford, Oregon. He has been married for 24 years, and has six children and 10 grandchildren.
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Pete Miller Pete Miller is co-owner of The Writer's Friend, an editing and pre-publication business for authors, business owners and marketing managers. Prior to opening his business, he spent several years in the editing department of a daily newspaper. Pete grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area during the sixties and has been an avid student of the Bible since 1971. Pete is currently enrolled in Bible college and resides in Southern Oregon with his wife and two children.
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Roberto Perez Enthusiastic and charismatic are words often used to describe Roberto (Joey) Perez. When asked about his silly personality he said, "Being raised in Santa Cruz, California, you have to have a sense of humor...or at least your parents do!" Roberto has served at his church faithfully since he received Christ in 2002. In 2004 he joined a college internship called the Armor Bearers. He graduated from the program in 2006 and in 2007 received a Bachelor of Theology Degree.

Before receiving Christ, Roberto played in a Ska-Punk rock band. He attributes his rude boy years as a time of formation. "I just remember how badly we wanted to change the world. We were on a mission!" While Joey's life since Christ has changed dramatically, his motivations haven't. His mission remains the same -- to change the world. He uses wit, humor, knowledge and love for his fellow neighbor to present the Gospel of Christ and to help lead the lost to repentance.
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Sherry Colby Sherry Colby is a Christian counselor and holds a Human Services Degree. She is a Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor (CADCI) and worked for many years in secular treatment facilities. Sherry is currently the Lead Counselor for a Christian recovery program called the Solid Rock Rock. She is also co-author of a book called "Follow the Solid Rock Road: Pathway to Radical Recovery."
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