ShareFaith.com artists

Alan Dubinsky Alan has spectacular powers of observation and wonderful skills when it comes to illustration. Many of his images are composed in a style that seems almost "hyper" realistic -- as though this is the way things should be. Mr. Dubinsky's mastery of reflections and metallic surfaces has made him one of the most popular artists to work as a digital illustrator for Letters and Arts.
Alice Roberts Alice is an orderly sort, which makes her border designs a big hit! Her precision and attention to detail are obvious in each one of her quality page frames.
Amanda Moeckel With a keen eye for delicate flowers or the lines of the human figure, and a lovely sense of color, Amanda Moeckel brings each of her illustrations to life. Working in realistic, silhouette, and soft pastel gradient styles, she is often noted for her figures' striking poses and the realism of her flowers. Her festive ribbon borders are popular year round for celebrations and parties of all kinds.
Andrew Wahlquist Andrew Wahlquist is a filmmaker and motion graphics artist from Downey, California. He has a background as multimedia director for the First Baptist Church of Downey, and has for the last couple years created broadcast commercials for the Los Angeles Times Media Group. He graduated from Biola University's film department and also has spent time working in feature film development. His design program of choice is Adobe After Effects. He and his wife are raising an awesome toddler that never rests. He has a home page at http://www.aerieproductions.com.
Barbara Burns Specializing mainly in cute cartoons, Ms. Burns has a very approachable style of illustration. Favoring thin outlines and bright colors, her critters of all shapes and sizes seem both happy and gentle. With a precise blend of attention to detail and creativity, she crafts some of Letters and Arts favorite digital illustrations and clipart.
Benjamin Light Benjamin has spent years traveling the world and honing his photographic techniques. At last count, he has visited five of the seven continents, dozens of countries, and many parts of the United States. His photographs remind us of the awesome beauty of the Lord's creation.
Bible Verse Collection For this series, FaithClipart staff editors have taken their favorite photo backgrounds and added powerful passages from Scripture to create Christian messages. Lessons from the scripture include the teachings of Jesus Christ as related through readings of the New Testament.
Bryce Canton Bryce has always been an artist. From an early age, everyone knew that his creativity and passion for art would consume his life. He naturally attended art school and, soon after, found employment with Letters and Arts. His loose style and sometimes whimsical expression are distinctive qualities found in a majority of his work.
Brynn Cogdill Brynn has always been a designer at heart. She studied graphic design at Southern Oregon University and now specializes in background and template production for Letters & Arts. She loves the challenge of combining elements such as imagery and typography together to create great designs. She hopes that through her designs, users will be able to create powerful and meaningful messages to their audiences.
Cloxboy I started my freelance illustration career with Letters & Arts years ago. I have since moved on to work for Universal Studios, 20th Century Fox, Lions Gate Films, Toyota Corolla and many other big names. I wouldn't be where I am today without Letters & Arts, they gave me a lot of work and kept my dreams to be a successful illustrator alive.

To see more recent Cloxboy artwork, please visit his website.
Creighton Conner Creighton draws inspiration from personal reflection, the grace of the natural world and all the good folks in his life. He hopes you find a use for his styles in your printed materials or web designing. It gives him a great sense of humbleness and satisfaction to know that the artwork he makes is used around the world each day.
Cross Collection This is the cross image collection created by FaithClipart staff. Crosses are drawn for many Christian worship occasions and to suit many stylistic purposes. The FaithClipart staff has designed hundreds of crosses designed for today's Christian churches, creating a mix of contemporary symbolic crosses, ornate traditional crosses and more realistic crucifixion crosses. Most popular among the collection are the crosses created specifically for Christmas or Easter.
Daniel Johnson Cute creatures of all shapes and sizes are Daniel Johnson's specialty at Letters and Arts. Using a simple heavy line style mixes with areas of simple color, he manages to evoke life and movement with just a few design elements. From plants to animals to the stars and beyond, his instantly recognizable style seems to know no bounds!
David Luebke Consistently one of Letters and Arts most popular artists, the art of Mr. David Luebke suggests that he has a love of celebrations and parties, and that he knows how to bring out that sort of excitement in his illustrations. With simple, colorful clipart for all festive occassions, David's work may provide a happy backdrop to your designs.
Dean Gustafson Dean's stylistic tastes run to the simple and the clean. Working most often in a simple line art style, he manages to educe everything from musical instruments to flowers and beyond, each with a distinctive, understated flair. The primarily black and white images Mr. Gustafson creates are easy to pair together, and are great for those who want to create a simple, consistent look throughout their designs.
Deborha Daniele (aka Deda) Deborha Daniele (aka "Deda") studied at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in 2003 with a B.F.A. in Illustration. She has illustrated children's books, worked as a product designer, exhibited her work in San Francisco's De Young Museum, and produced several short animation films, including Academy of Art Film Festival 2003 Best Animated Stop Motion Film winner, "Ugly Duck." Currently she lives in Italy, where she teaches at the European Institute of Design in Rome and creates beautiful, European-inspired illustrations for Letters and Arts.

To see more of her original artwork, please visit her website.
Derek Clapton From an early age, Derek knew he had a passion for graphic design. He has masterfully blended an eye for layout with FaithClipart.com's Christian graphics to produce many of our most popular templates for church and ministry use. A thorough knowledge and appreciation for the wise words of the Bible has allowed him to add wonderful quotes from scripture and the Gospels to many of these designs.
Emily van Wyk Emily van Wyk's published works cross multiple mediums of art and make incredible use of color. Emily paints on canvas, sketches on paper and uses graphic technology to create fine art and digital illustrations that express a mood, an emotion or a concept. In recent years, Emily has shared her talent with Barbour Publishing and DaySprings where she created greeting cards and conceptual 3D gift designs. Emily spent four years as a missionary in Jerusalem where she met and married her husband Hein, an artist and a musician.
Eric Novisedlak Eric Novisedlak's career in graphic design started more than 17 years ago when he built a name for himself in the Los Angeles market as a visual effects artist. While there, he expanded his skills in the area of post production, working alongside some of the most talented artists, directors and producers in the film industry. Continuing to follow his passion for illustrative design while living a holistic life, Eric currently resides in Ashland, Oregon, with his wife and son.
Eric Stickney Having consistently been one of Letters and Arts most popular artists since the company's inception in 2004, Eric's vector artwork is, quite simply, photorealistic, and stunningly so. Mastery of the digital medium of illustration is evident in nearly every one of Eric's pieces, which provide elegant designer accents and a quality of image unheard of in the world of clip art before the days of Letters and Arts.
Eritrea Roberts One thing is certain - Eritrea has a love of holidays! Her work covers many different holidays and styles of illustration, but the majority are pieces devoted to the Christmas or Easter season. Ms. Roberts has illustrated everything from simple cartoons to highly realistic gradient-style images for Letters and Arts, and her work continues to be extremely popular with those designing with their own family in mind.
Evan Johnsen Evan grew up on the Big Island of Hawaii, surrounded by a beautiful natural environment and nurtured in his artistic efforts by a very creative and loving family. He studied fine arts at Southern Oregon University but considers himself a student of life and believes there is always more to learn in his field.
FaithClipart Staff Borders FaithClipart.com's team of artists has created wonderful variations of many of our most popular borders. All images are available in both EPS and JPG royalty-free formats.
Fiona Blair Fiona is a fine arts photographer who also happens to be a talented graphic designer. She has brought her love for Christmas to her graphic illustrations, contributing dozens of nativity scene images over the years.
Flower Collection This is the flower image collection created by FaithClipart staff. Flower themes and gestures are in use throughout the Christian worship year. There are celebrations of newborns, marriage, and remembrances. There are countless occasions for flowers to be used in church activities from fellowship dinners to altar flowers. Christian holidays such as Easter and Christmas call for traditional flower uses to help set the mood for the season.
Francis De La Torre Stepping on his first set at the age of 16, Francis De La Torre has had a rich history with film and television. Beginning as a P.A. lifting lights and cables, he soon developed a passion for cinematography, which lead him to making demo videos of himself and his friends break dancing.
The simple break dancing movies have now developed into a life-long commitment to the art of story telling. Beginning his professional career editing corporate, broadcast, and commercial projects, Francis sought to push the limits of the editing software, which led him to his first encounter with motion and design. Eight years later, Francis has work for some of today's most prestigious clientele, including; Earth Bound Farms, SAP, Logitec, Target, Bungie, EA Sports, Dell, Def jam Records, Death Row Records, Fox Sports, and Comcast to name a few.
With his background in design and motion, as well as experience working as a Flame Artist, Francis' seeks to incorporate his design and FX sensibilities into every project he directs. http://www.8bitfilms.tv
Freebridge Media To create inspiring visuals, helping the Church share the greatest story ever told.
Gabhor Utomo Gabhor Utomo was born in Jakarta, Indonesia, where he learned to draw as a child, doodling on any surface he could find, including tables and walls. He soon put his natural talent to the test, taking third place in a national art competition when he was in the first grade. After graduating from high school, Gabhor moved to San Francisco where he earned his BFA from the Academy of Art University in 2003. And although growing up in Indonesia did not expose him to the world of children's books like most children in America, by the time he had his BFA he had illustrated his first children's book with author Katrina Courier.
Graham Lewis Graham does not remember taking his first picture. His parents gave him a Brownie Hawkeye for his tenth birthday. A variety of subjects attract him, nature, animals, and people at work, food . . . anything that reflects light. His photographs have been published in Ashland, Oregon Chamber of Commerce publications and the Ashland Daily Tidings.
Hein van Wyk Hein van Wyk is a professional graphic and web designer with over 10 years experience. His style is a combination of vintage retro and new wave elegance. Hein's work seamlessly combines modern day elements with old school perception to blend into a canvas of light, fun and creativity.
Jamee Rae Jamee Rae adds photographic imagery and simple clipart to our collection.
James Marshall James is a wizard when it comes to cute cartoons depicting a variety of subjects. From the barnyard to the nursery to the open range, he knows how to put an adorable spin on just about anything. Each of Mr. Marshall's illustrations is drawn in a loose, approachable, colorful style, making his art perfect for parents and friends of family.
Jay Dee Barry Jay Dee Barry comes from a long line of artists and craftsmen. She became a Sumi painter at age 15 and was offered a gallery contract two years later. With a well-established art career, Jay Dee continued developing her natural artistic talent and technical skills to become a graphic designer with an emphasis on serving the printing industry. Jay Dee recently expanded her creative focus to illustration, photography and photo illustration and manipulation. In 2006 she began a new division which assists self-publishing authors with book design. Currently, Jay Dee is a Contributing Artist at FaithClipart and president of Jay Dee Barry Design in Medford, Oregon, a full-service graphic design, illustration and digital services agency serving the Rogue Valley since 1985.
Jennifer Lawrence Raised an art lover and maker, Jennifer believes her primary inspiration comes from her mother, who was a painter, commercial artist and art teacher. Since earning a BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1981, she has managed to design or illustrate everything from tee shirt art to furniture, umbrellas and gift art, and has had several exhibitions of figurative drawings. She has also taught computer graphics at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. She works in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area as a print designer and illustrator for many clients besides Letters and Arts, including Pottery Barn Kids, Genesys, Fleishman Hillard, Kaiser Permanente, City Lights of San Francisco, Doremus Advertising, Arc Frankel Advertising and Swirl Advertising. She lives in a big pink house in the Mission District of San Francisco with her very loud cat "Si" the Siamese.
Jim Williams Jim Williams is an amateur photographer living in Ashland, Oregon. He enjoys the colorful changes of seasons that Ashland affords and does his best to capture the landscape beauty in his photos.
John Williams Letters and Arts selects artists through a competitive process at various times throughout the year. Typically hundreds of artists apply for a commission and this field is narrowed to under a dozen finalists based on portfolios. Finalists are then asked to submit a particular sample image drawn to spec, and then the final select few are given commissions for a specific category and style of images.
Joni Jacobs Joni is a college-educated artist who has worked as a professional illustrator for many years. Her projects include greeting cards, book and magazine illustration and more. She tends toward a pleasing, simplified style for many of her drawings, which gives her art a distinctive and instantly recognizable look to her compositions. Multo en parvo, Joni!
Karen Soleau As prolific as she is talented, Karen has spent many years as a professional illustrator, having drawn the pictures for numerous children's books, greeting cards, and other commercial printing projects. She has a style at once simple and elegant, made up of simple lines and shapes which somehow merge to not only create a piece of scalable digital art, but to evoke a mood, as well. Her love of flowers is clearly evident in many of her illustrations, as is her passion for creating stylized art for festive occassions.
Karl Nevelle Karl has studied graphic design for over 20 years. A graduate of a renowned art institute, Mr. Nevelle enjoys freelancing for Letters & Arts as well as several other art production companies throughout the world. His work encompasses a large range of border styles from classic to contemporary, art deco to pop.
Kerrie Hubbard Kerrie Hubbard is both a writer and an award-winning illustrator who owns a copywriting and graphic design business in Happy Valley, Oregon. For the past eight years, she has offered her creative services to local businesses and non-profit organizations. Kerrie has been published in numerous magazines, including Focus on the Family, Travel Post Monthly, Happiness Magazine and Story Mates Magazine, among others. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Human Development with an emphasis on Art and a Certificate in Web Design and Administration. When not creating art on the computer, Kerrie loves to spend time in her studio painting in watercolor or acrylic.
Kim Schwede A graduate of California State University Chico, Kimberly Schwede is an established Illustrator and Graphic Designer based in California. Through her designs she looks to embrace the whimsical things in life. Her inspirations come from her love of travel, color, fashion, children and animals. If one can smile with delight at her work then she feels its a job well done! Clients include: Swatch, Janie & Jack, American Girl, Tiny Prints, Running Press and Klutz Publishing.

To see more of Kimberly's work, visit: www.kimberlyschwede.com
Kurt McClung Letters & Arts employs talented artists from around the world. Our artists are highly experienced in Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop, and are skilled in the latest vector drawing, painting, and photo retouching techniques. We have selected them not only for their technical expertise, but for their stylistic flair and originality.
Letters & Arts Artists Sharefaith(Faithclipart.com) employs talented artists from around the world. Our artists are highly experienced in design, illustration and video. We have selected them not only for their technical expertise, but for their stylistic flair and originality.
Linsey Fuller In college she worked as a caterer serving and organizing private and public events while also working at Williams-Sonoma to support her love for kitchen appliances. After graduating with a BA in Marketing and Advertising she put her ideas to the test in the real world designing business identities, logos, wedding invitations, & custom projects for clients all over the United States. Her love for mid-century and modern decor keeps her designs clean and fresh.
Michael Moss Mr. Moss specializes in creating digital illustrations of classic Christmas ornaments with a modern flare. A deft use of gradients, a keen eye and a black and white color scheme allow him to create striking images which can easily be used together in the creation of holiday designs.
Natalie Schmelzer Natalie Schmelzer infuses her passion for Christ and evangelistic gifts in her work as a youth pastor, musician and artist. With a retro style, Natalie's imagery blends traditional Christianity with the enthusiasm and relevance of today's youth. Natalie holds a Biblical Theology Degree and was trained in multimedia at a New York academy to become proficient as a videographer.
Nora Faux Nora is an experienced designer at Letters and Arts and brings a quality of symbolism that ranges from rather primitive to stylistic perfection. Her approach to icons, logos and trademarks captures power, progress and passion. Her growing collection of work here at Letters and Arts has proven popular among other designers and novice users alike.
Photo Staff The artistic staff at FaithClipart have been culling through their photographic archives for years to bring you these inspired images of nature, scenic landscapes, heavenly skies, and more. We bring you the raw photos for you to add your own inspiration in the form of bible quotes, praise music quotes, or other Christian sayings.
Rachel Barrett Rachel has always considered herself an artist, but didn't actually believe she could make a living at it until she was over 40. She wanted to feel that she was contributing something to the world using her God-given talents. So she quit her corporate job and went back to school to expand on the art extension classes she had taken throughout her life. She studied traditional skills in life drawing and even sold watercolor paintings through galleries in Berkeley, California and Santa Fe.

Several years ago she updated her traditional skills with computer skills using software products such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and began an illustration internship with Letters and Arts. Now she enjoys using these programs on a daily basis to develop many different illustrations in a wide variety of styles. In 2005, she accepted an offer to leave Berkeley and move to Ashland, Oregon where Letters and Arts has its headquarters. She also loves to sing, participating in a number of choirs throughout her community.
Randy Rocchi Something of a jack of all trades when it comes to digital illustration, Mr. Rocchi has an instantly recognizable style all his own. Some images are drawn in a gradient style, while others are beautiful flowing line art, and still others are drawn in a combination of the two techniques. Randy's talents with typography, word art and borders are also renowned, as his images in those areas are consistently among the most popular at Letters and Arts.
Rose Cassano Rose Cassano has been working in the graphic design and illustration field for more than 25e years. Her career started out on the East Coast working at the The National Lampoon and then drawing for Time-Life Books in the 70's prior to moving west to San Francisco. Her design career started on a ferry boat on the San Francisco Bay working for Landor Associates. A love for nature eventually drew her to the Southern Oregon area where she currently resides as an independent designer and illustrator, thankful for the miracles of modern technology that make living and working a creative path here a reality. http://www.rosecassano.com
Sean Bagshaw Letters & Arts employs talented photographers from around the world. Our photographers are highly experienced in Adobe PhotoShop and are skilled in the latest photo retouching techniques. We have selected them not only for their technical expertise, but for their ability to bring out the natural beauty of life and our environment.
Severn Ivins Severn's stylistic approach maintains a simple and clean distinction. Working most often in a pen and ink like style, he has created a beautiful collection of black and white images that are easily coupled to create a consistent look throughout designs.
Sharefaith Sharefaith's design team is made up of highly creative, professionally trained graphic designers, video animators, producers and script writers. They have one thing in common: They all are masters at their craft and they love the Lord. Enjoy their amazing work!
Sharefaith Video Team Script: Tim Blair, Animation: Nate Vander Plas, Music: Willem van Wyk
Sharefaith Visual Media Team Writer: Willem van Wyk & Tim Blair, Animator: Tim Cross, Composer: Willem van Wyk
Sybil Tate Letters and Arts selects artists through a competitive process at various times throughout the year. Typically hundreds of artists apply for a commission and this field is narrowed to under a dozen finalists based on portfolios. Finalists are then asked to submit a particular sample image drawn to spec, and then the final select few are given commissions for a specific category and style of images.
Tiffani Ordonez Letters & Arts employs talented artists from around the world. Our artists are highly experienced in Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop, and are skilled in the latest vector drawing, painting, and photo retouching techniques. We have selected them not only for their technical expertise, but for their stylistic flair and originality.
Tim Cross Timothy Cross is one of Sharefaiths full time motion graphics designer specializing in motion graphics and 3D animation. He has enjoyed over 4 years in the industry creating motion graphics for churches as well as companies across the board.
Tom Walker Residing in Eugene, Oregon, Tom Walker is a typography specialist with an incredible eye for Word Art. Modern and distinctive, his images and script are great attention grabbers for all sorts of projects, including menus and more.
Trudy Witt Trudy has been illustrating in her playful and energetic style for Letters & Arts since 2005. She specializes in a brushstroke style is adept at showing movement and character lines. Her interests include the vocal arts and dance.
Twelve.Thirty Media
Twelve:Thirty Kids
Twelve:Thirty Students
Vanessa Thompson Vanessa approaches her illustrations with a great eye for cuteness combined with all around fun. She has been drawing cartoons since she was a child drawing freehand on her schoolroom desk.
Vincent W. Ho Mostly self-taught in graphic design, Vincent has been designing artwork and layouts for use in product catalogs, packaging, and even outdoor recreational products. His talents include typography, design layout, photo-manipulation, and photography for product shoots. He has also created software icons, participated in toy design, and dabbled in video game animation. He finds his inspiration from the world around us, in nature and in the artifacts of our culture, ranging from the whimsical and stylized designs of game and cartoon characters to the mundane but sometimes beautiful appearances of everyday items.

To see more of Vincent's work, please visit his website.
Yulia McCall Letters & Arts employs talented artists from around the world. Our artists are highly experienced in Adobe Illustrator and PhotoShop, and are skilled in the latest vector drawing, painting, and photo retouching techniques. We have selected them not only for their technical expertise, but for their stylistic flair and originality.