Beautiful Custom Graphics & Video

In partnership with Twelve.Thirty Media, Sharefaith is offering affordable, no-contract Monthly Plans for Custom Graphic Design and Video.

Custom Graphics
Your Own Personal Creative Team

Custom Designs For Your Ministry

Harness the power of a Full Creative Team every month to serve your church or ministry with our Custom Graphics and Video plans. All while saving you time in your week.
Beautifully Designed to Engage and Grow Your Ministry

View Samples of Our Custom Graphics & Videos

Weapons of Self-Destruction

Sermon Bumpers

Stained Glass Countdown

Countdown Timer Videos

Stranger Than Fiction

Series Trailer

Canvas Download Our App
Canvas Download Our App

Event Graphic

Learn to Laugh Again
Learn to Laugh Again

Sermon Series Designs

Relationship Goals
Relationship Goals

Sermon Series Designs

Our Price is Focused On You and Your Ministry

We Make It Easy & Affordable

Custom Graphics

$600 a Month
Up to 5 Design Requests
No Contracts

Custom Video

$1000 a Month
2 Custom Videos
+1 Bonus Video
No Contracts

EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS AGREEMENT: In order to keep our custom media prices low to serve churches, we offer our custom monthly plans at a discounted rate. With these plans, we also give you the opportunity to serve other churches around the world. Each month we repurpose the graphics and video we make for your church into our Ready-Made Media Library so that other churches can receive high-quality media at a low cost. During checkout, you will be provided with an opportunity to retain exclusive rights to the content we produce for your church for an additional $1,000/mo on your monthly plan.

Get Custom Graphics and Video for Your Church

Only $1500 per month

Custom Media Testimonials

The Twelve:Thirty Media Team are always great to work with. When I need a quality video done for my music or kids ministry they always deliver an amazing video!
Brad Guldemond
Brad Guldemond
Award Winning Singer / Songwriter & Kids Artist, Brad G Music
The Twelve:Thirty team do the impossible with every assignment we give them. If you want a partner to communicate the message within you, you have found the right team in Twelve:Thirty Media.
Dan and Melodie Griffin
Dan & Melodie Griffin
Together for Good
Save Your Ministry Money

Most churches struggle to pour money into hiring one media professional, let alone an entire team. In many churches, theres is a 'one-person-band' responsible for executing the weekend experience as well as creating media content for all ministries in the church. Our Custom Media Services lets you harness the power of a full Creative Team for a fraction of the cost.

Maximize Your Ministry Efforts

We often see Church Media Directors spread too thin and eventually burn out from having so much work on their plates. Our Custom Media Services allows you to offload some of that work, for less than half the cost of a full-time hire. We encourage you to use your in-house Creative team to tell the stories of your church that only you can tell and use us for other creative needs.

Utilize Outsourcing

You may have a small creative team at your church that time doesn’t allow them to produce quality content for your Children’s Ministry, Student Ministry, or other ministry areas in the church. Our Custom Media Services offers a low-cost, high-quality solution for the other ministries in your church to have high-quality media content.


A “revision” is any edit or change you would like to your project. In order to keep the base price down for our Custom Media Services, we offer one full round of edits to your content. This means one list of anything you’d like changed. After this one round, we’ll quote you based on the time our team will spend on any additional edits you would like.