Top 20 Church Bulletin Ideas, Tips & Tricks!

Great inspiration and insight on church bulletins.

Top 20 Church Bulletin Ideas, Tips & Tricks!

Church bulletins have been around for a long time! Most likely if you grew up in the church, you remember getting church bulletins every week to keep you entertained during church. If you have been a church goer for a while, you most likely have multiple church bulletins in your Bible as bookmarks. Church bulletins today are still important. They are the first impression a visitor receives and can provide a warm welcome. They help your church congregation stay up to date and connected. So whether you have been crafting church bulletins for a while or you are new to the church bulletins game, here are the top 20 church bulletins ideas that will help you improve your church bulletins:

  1. Create guidelines: A church bulletin should help your church visitors get connected, be informative for your visitors and congregation, and give a place for sermon notes. Partner with your church staff and leaders to create guidelines that keep your church bulletin verbiage and format consistent each week.

  2. Processes and deadlines: Make sure you have a process laid out that is easy to follow and create a deadline for all materials and creatives to ensure you get enough time to create your church bulletin in time. This is especially important when working with church volunteers.

  3. Avoid information overload: Don’t overwhelm your readers with too much information in your church bulletin. Narrow it down to the top five things that everyone needs to know for that week.

  4. Stand your ground: Learn to become strategic with your church bulletin each week and take it serious. It’s ok to say no, and not allow certain things into your bulletins. Keep in mind that your church bulletins should always support the mission and vision of your church and drive people toward that.

  5. Create a ranking system: With each promotion, announcement, event and update, rank each in order of importance, and ask yourself these questions: (1) Does everyone need to know this? (2) Should this be the main focus? (3) Does this even need to be in the bulletin? Once you have answered these questions, give the item a ranking from 1-5 and layout the bulletin according to that order. Remember, stick with the top five things everyone needs to know.

  6. Goal reminder: Create overall goals for your church bulletins. Each bulletin should include something for visitors, the casual attender, the committed attender and your volunteers and staff. Keeping these goals in mind will help you craft your bulletin each week.

  7. Create value: You want your visitors and congregation to hold on tight to their church bulletins, almost as if it was physical gold! Learn to make you church bulletins an essential resource for your church week in and week out. Create excitement by adding some surprises as well! If you can nail this down, your congregation will always look forward to their weekly bulletin.

  8. Go digital: It’s ok if you’re afraid of this. For some churches, this is new territory. However, digital bulletins have a great purpose. They help keep your congregation connected when they are out sick or on vacation. Plus, it allows for direct links to your website, events and more!

  9. Traffic director: Think of your church bulletin as a traffic director. Its job is to make sure everyone is pointed in the right direction and goes where they need to. Learn to direct your congregation to your church website or church mobile app as much as possible.

  10. Call to action: Always make sure you have a very clear and direct call to action for each related event, promotion, sign up, etc. Use the who, what, when, where, why tool for each section in your church bulletin. Make sure your readers feel equipped and empowered to take the next step.

  11. Explain the why: It’s easy to just state the facts, and if your name is Joe Friday, you may want “just the facts”. Learn to create a why behind it. Why should they attend Wednesday night service? Why should someone sign up for a small group?

  12. Keep it simple: You are speaking to everyone in your church, most likely the men don’t want to see multiple paragraphs about the upcoming women’s get together. The same applies to other areas of ministry, too. Don’t lose your readers by not keeping it simple, short and to the point.

  13. One voice: Create a unique writing style and consistent voice for your church bulletins. This voice should be in sync with the mission and vision of your church as well.

  14. Avoid confusion: Acronyms, inside church jokes or church slang will only confuse visitors and newer church goers. Using acronyms for certain meeting rooms or events will only confuse new visitors. Make sure your language is universal to all.  

  15. Keep it fresh: One of the keys to creating hype around your church bulletins is keeping it very fresh and changing it up. Stay on top of the latest style designs and trends as well as the major holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving & Christmas and secular holidays & events. Your church congregation will love to see the creativity of your church bulletins.

  16. Learn to be negative: Creating negative space or whitespace in your designs and layouts will create a more comfortable reading situation for your church congregation. Believe it or not, you can feel claustrophobic and even anxious by having too little  breathing room in designs and layouts.

  17. Play nice with others: If you are the one who is directly in charge of your church bulletins, most likely you have tons of emails, notes and requests about what others want featured. You may also have others who are in charge of ministries at your church who want their ministry featured every week. It may take a while, but if you can learn how to embrace these contributors with kindness and mercy, you will be able to find a win-win for your church bulletins.

  18. In living color: Perhaps you have just embraced the world of printing your church bulletins in color or maybe you have been doing this for a long time. While you may want to have a bright, colorful and cheerful church bulletin, keep in mind color schemes and the theory behind certain colors. Use helpful tools like a color palette generator to fine tune your color schemes or even give you some new insight.

  19. Double proofing: Ever heard of “church bulletin bloopers”? Well, there is a reason this is a thing. Make sure you have someone proofread your church bulletins and then have another person proofread it again. You want them to look for errors, spelling mistakes or just things that don’t make sense. It may be hard, depending on church size, but there are proofreading services online like fiverr.com that don’t cost a lot.

  20. Attack of the fonts: All good designs and layouts have only two or three fonts per design. Using more than three styles becomes sloppy and messy. Try using two very nice fonts. One for your headlines and sublines, and then another one for your body text or paragraphs. Even though you may like fancy script type fonts, try and stick with a nice Serif or San Serif font for your church bulletins that is easy to read.

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