What a name! The story of Moses being rescued by the Egyptian princess from the Nile River is the inspiration for Saving Moses, a charity based in Englewood, Colorado. Founded by Sarah Bowling in 2009, the vision began when she responded to a simple, but dramatic need.While traveling in Ethiopia, she found two baby girls abandoned in a field. She brought them to a nearby orphanage in hopes they would find a safe home. The opposite happened. The orphanage refused to care for the twin girls. In fact, nobody would love and care for these babies because of the cost and responsibility involved.

Saving Moses | Saving Babies Every Day!

Sarah decided to intervene. If she hadn’t, the girls would be dead and forgotten. She found out the brutal reality that infants require so many more resources and individualized attention than older children which forces a majority of orphanages to refuse care.

That’s where Saving Moses comes in. They currently have three programs – Angola, Cambodia and Afghanistan. Their website clearly identifies why these locations. They are active in Angola because they know what the New York Times reported, that it’s, “the world’s deadliest country for kids.” They are in Cambodia to take care of babies (5 years & younger) whose parents are sex workers in Cambodia. They work in Afghanistan at four rural clinics because they know the sanitary conditions are so low, many babies die before they even get a chance.

These scenarios are repeated around the world. In many ways, Saving Moses is only just starting this work. There is much more to be done. On their site, they invite people to give a one time gift or responds with a month gift of $38 and become a “Hero”, as they define this group. If it’s time that you might want to give, they invite people to consider traveling to Cambodia to work in their overnight care facility. There is also information on church partnerships.

Jesus tells us to, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Matthews 19:14). Saving Moses is saving children in the name of Jesus so one day they can come to him and find eternal hope.

Saving Moses are ECFA accredited and they share their annual report online in a clear and concise fashion. Those are two signs that are strong indicators we look for in a non-profit that is working effective with donations and not for donations given. Saving Moses is also recognized by Guidestar as a gold participant.

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