Since the fall of 2016, Sharefaith has offered its churches the most feature-rich and affordable live video streaming solution out there. One of the great things about Sharefaith streaming is that it doesn’t require a computer. Instead, churches are able to broadcast their services through BoxCast’s live video streaming encoder. Below you’ll find a few exciting facts about this advanced streaming hardware that Sharefaith offers it’s members 100% free.

3 Quick Things About Sharefaith’s Free Video Streaming Hardware

#1: “For the Sake of Excellence”

Today we have such an unswerving confidence in our computers. We use them to pay bills, watch TV shows, and even search for what type of medicine we should give to our kids when they’re feeling sick. When it comes to acquiring and transmitting video live, however, most of our computers will lose almost as many data packets as they send. Beyond this, most computers on the market don’t even have an input for a camera or a video switcher to be plugged into. As far as live streaming video is concerned, dedicated hardware options are always best to broadcast online with excellence. Your computer wasn’t built to stream but our hardware was.

#2: “For the Sake of Simplicity”

Live video streaming can be complicated, especially when training people is required and volunteers are relied on Sunday after Sunday to manage every broadcast. BoxCast’s streaming hardware is virtually volunteer free. It is fully automated and doesn’t even require a button to be pushed or a switch to be flipped to broadcast. Even more, beyond simplicity, an extra perk of our automated hardware is that automation eliminates a large majority of human error. In other words, since the stream runs by itself, there’s no room for a person to hop into the mix and forget to do what needs to be done for everything to run smoothly on Sunday morning.

#3: “Only For You”

When a church chooses to sign up for BoxCast streaming directly, they are required to pay the $499 retail price for BoxCast’s live video streaming hardware up front. However, when a church comes on board through Sharefaith streaming, they receive BoxCast’s streaming encoder completely free. This deal can’t be found anywhere else online. It’s exclusive. This discounted price is truly only for you and your church, and it’s our pleasure to offer it.

Thank you for giving up a few minutes to learn more about Sharefaith’s video streaming hardware. We know that you pour your heart into your ministry and it is truly our pleasure for you to consider partnering with us in order to share God’s Word with as many people as possible.

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