Last year, Sharefaith and BoxCast began teaming up to help churches reach as many people as possible through live video streaming. Though there are quite a few different streaming providers in the market, only Sharefaith offers a ministry customized solution that meets the logistical, budgetary, and quality needs of churches. With our 1-year anniversary quickly approaching, we’ve decided to make our streaming plan even better for ministries.

Sharefaith Church Live Streaming – New Features!

We’re so excited to announce a long list of new features to Sharefaith Church Live StreamingHow are we doing this? Keep reading, we’re excited to tell you!

Step 1: We Refuse to Compromise on the Essentials

Every church should be able to stream every aspect of their ministry to as many people as possible without being charged more. We believe churches should be able to stream without annoying advertisements. There should also be highly trained technical support just a phone call away. And we think every church should be able to have their ministry on any device, at any connection speed, anywhere in the world.

These are just a few of the things that we know are essential for every church to have an effective live video streaming ministry. Moving forward, we’re happy to continue to provide each one of these streaming necessities to all of our partner churches. (A few more of our must-have items include cloud transcoding, live DVR, and social sharing tools, among others.)

Step 2: We’re Devoted to Robust Feature Enhancement

Streaming is becoming more and more commonplace in our communities. For this reason, we’ve now made it possible for you to not only broadcast your services to your website, but also to Facebook Live, YouTube Live, AppleTV, Roku, and even export content to Vimeo. We’ve also substantially enhanced our advanced analytics platform to give you more intel on the impact of your streaming ministry. Throw in double the storage (from 30 to 60 days per archive), unlimited archived downloads, post production trimming, as well as highlight clips… and the best broadcast solution for churches is now even better.

Just to clarify, here are our new features in list form:

  • Facebook Live Integration
  • YouTube Live Integration
  • AppleTV Integration
  • Roku Integration
  • Vimeo Export
  • YouTube Export
  • 60 Day Archive Storage (Previously 30 Days)
  • Advanced Analytics (Previously Basic Analytics)
  • Unlimited Archive Downloads
  • Post Production Trimming
  • Highlight Clips & Social Sharing

Step 3: We’re Keeping Your Costs Low & Discounted

Are we raising prices in light of releasing new features and functionalities?

Absolutely not.

Every church that comes onboard with our new and improved Sharefaith streaming plan not only still receives our $499 hardware for free, but our low price of $99 per month as well. It is a privilege that your ministry would consider partnering with us in this endeavor, and so we’ve chosen to make it as affordable and practical for your church to implement streaming from a financial perspective.

Step 4: Oh Yeah… One More Thing!

Summer is a perfect time to begin streaming. Once school starts up at the end of August and fall programming kicks in, life in the ministry world gets busy again. In light of this, the team at BoxCast is happy to extend a special discount for churches who decide to come onboard with Sharefaith streaming between now through the end of August. More specifically, any church that signs up with Sharefaith streaming in the next month and a half will receive the opportunity to save $100 off of a Canon Vixia camera through BoxCast.

Thank you so much for considering to join us in this ministry effort. We are passionate about helping your church reach as many people for Jesus as possible through technology. Richest blessings to you, and never hesitate to reach out if you’d like a free custom consultation on what Sharefaith Church Live Streaming might look like at your church. God bless!

Brett-BoxCast-150x150 - Video MinistryBrett Bzdafka is a former Pastor and Bible Professor, Brett has a BA from the Moody Bible Institute and MDiv from Columbia International University. As Church Development Manager at BoxCast, a live video streaming company founded and led by believers, Brett enjoys connecting with church leaders and enabling them to spread their ministry beyond the walls of their church through technology.

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