Your video ministry has the potential to reach a much bigger audience than your regular service. Technology has become a very helpful resource for ministries around the world. This article addresses how you can take the error and effort out of your video ministry and have it work for you instead of the other way around. In the world of airline travel, there is nothing more important than safety. It’s why the world’s largest airline manufacturers have invested countless resources to ensure that their planes are as safe as possible. A recent Boeing study determined that 80% of plane crashes were caused by human error. The most dangerous planes were those that required large amounts of manual effort; the safest were those that left little room for a pilot’s mistakes. And so, to improve the safety of their jetliners, manufacturers have worked to take the human effort out of their flights. Though the consequences pale in comparison, the same can be said for the world of online ministry. To remove error from video streaming, we must take human effort out of the equation.

How to Take the Error and Effort Out of Your Video Ministry: Why Automation is Ideal for Streaming

Whether you’re sitting in the cockpit of a plane or behind a camera in the sound booth at the back of a sanctuary, an automated solution comes with the same two benefits: minimized mistakes and ease-of-use.

Minimized Mistakes

The age-old adage stipulates that “To err is human.” Even seasoned professionals are bound to make mistakes eventually. However, most church video ministries aren’t run by professionals; they’re run by volunteers with little or no advanced training.

These volunteers might miss their shift or show up late. If a software program is required to run your video to broadcast, these volunteers could easily forget how to operate the program. Even if all that your video ministry requires is the push of a button, the reality is that sometimes this button will never get pushed.

Automated solutions dispel the chance of these errors. They allow for a professional and problem-free video ministry, no matter the technical expertise of your staff and volunteers.



The more that you automate your video setup, the less that falls onto the shoulders of you and your volunteers. Live video streaming is a complicated technology that involves video acquisition, production, compression, transferring, transcoding, delivery, presentation, promotion, and storage.

As a pastor, none of that should fall into your realm of responsibility. A solution that handles all of that for you allows you to devote your time to what’s truly important – your ministry.

Our digital world has allowed for video to become a meaningful ministry tool to proclaim God’s Word and draw people to Jesus. Yet, if poorly executed, it can ultimately wind up turning people away from the ministry of Christ’s church.

That’s why Sharefaith and BoxCast have teamed up to help churches around the world use video to share their ministry beyond their walls. Designed with the needs of the church in mind, BoxCast’s automated video solution is simple and reliable. This bundle is exclusive to Sharefaith members and requires no additional hardware or computers. Be up and running in minutes! Find out more about Sharefaith’s live streaming bundle with BoxCast here.

To learn more about how your church can benefit from BoxCast’s live video streaming platform, email

About The Author

Brett Bzdafka

Brett Bzdafka is a former Pastor and Bible Professor. He has a BA from the Moody Bible Institute and MDiv from Columbia International University. As Church Development Manager at BoxCast, a live video streaming company founded and led by believers, Brett enjoys connecting with church leaders and enabling them to spread their ministry beyond the walls of their church through technology.

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