Your Sharefaith website allows you to put different widgets on each page. A widget is anything that displays on the sidebar of your website next to your content. There are a large variety of widgets available. Browse our collection of sidebar banners and learn how to add them in a widget. This tutorial will show you how to control what widgets appear where.

  1. Login to your website Admin.
  2. Go to “Widgets” under the Appearance control panel.
  3. If you already have widgets in your Sidebar, then click the arrow on the right side of the active widget.
  4. Click the new option at the bottom called “Change Visibility.”
  5. You will see a list of Pages and Catagories. Check any page or category where you want the widget to display.
  6. Click “Save” when you are done.

Home Page Note: The Home page is a little more complicated. For reverse compatibility reasons, the Home page first checks to see if you have Twitter or Facebook links in your “SF Theme Options.” If you have anything entered in the field “SF Theme Options,” then these are the only widgets displayed on your Home page. We recommend removing the Twitter and Facebook links from your “SF Theme Options” and adding them to “Social Media Links.” Following the steps above and checking the HomePage category, will replace them, and put the new widget on your Home page.

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