Larry Kennedy

From an early age Larry had a tender heart towards the things of God. After high school, he went on a music scholarship tour representing Columbia Christian College in Portland Oregon. Larry then attended Abilene Christian University where he received a Bachelor├ó┬?┬?s degree in Bible and was active in local churches, teaching, preaching and leading worship. From ACU, Larry pursued graduate school at Pepperdine University.

After relocating from L.A to Portland, Larry began leading worship, enjoyed a unique, seven-year ministry as a lay chaplain with Multnomah County and worked as a corrections officer. Now married to Laura, Larry became a full-time worship leader and small group leader at Sunnyside Foursquare Church. For the next 21 years, he developed an influential worship ministry. Along with training teams, mentoring and hosting conferences, Larry wrote songs from his personal devotional life.

Larry recently completed a Master of Religion Degree in Biblical Studies at Warner Pacific College in Portland. The longing of his heart is to see a national outpouring of God├ó┬?┬?s restorative glory in the U.S. and in other countries. While ministering locally, Larry has also participated in many short-term overseas mission trips. He now ministers on the leadership team at New Wine Christian Fellowship, an independent church started in 2004 while he continues to regularly touch local churches, ministering in worship, training and encouraging worship teams.

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Are You Thirsting for Righteousness? One childlike characteristic that Jesus may have been referring to is the fact that children are always hungry. Jesus taught that in order to be blessed one must hunger and thirst after righteousness. His promise is to fill the seeker. In this spiritually malnutritioned culture, always consuming but never being filled, He alone can satisfy.
Christians Should be Adventurous In Serving God What cildlike traits are being elevated in Jesus' statement that to enter His kingdom requires changing and becoming like little children? Surely Jesus was not suggesting that his disciples remain immature and childish in their faith. There are several endearing childlike attributes that believers can embrace such as wonder, to better facilitate our entry into Christ's kingdom.
Distorted Perfectionist Thinking - Avoiding Ministry Burnout Perfectionism and distorted thinking often precipitates ministry burnout. In addition, unbiblical views of God, passivity in decision making, blaming and a victim mentality result in overdoing and lack of proper boundaries. Changes in one's thinking are necessary for healing.
Fear of the Lord, in Contrast with the Fear of Man Fear of man is a sin from which one must repent and act in the opposite spirit. There is a spirit of fear Saint Paul warns, that is not from God. He has given instread, power, love and a sound mind. Fears must be confronted and overcome by God's delivering power.
Fear of the Lord, the Beginning of Wisdom The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. God does not "dumb down" His standard of holiness. There are consequences for disobedience. To fear God is to hate evil...and conversely, to love what God loves.
How To Avoid Ministry Burnout God is in control, yet He has chosen to include His children in the process. He has paid a very dear price, the death of His dear Son, to insure freedom of choice for His creation.
How To Avoid Pastoral Burnout Without proper boundaries and the willingness to say no, the work of the ministry can lead to anxiety and burnout. This personal testimony provides hope for those who are weary.
How To Experience God's Love Another childlike attribute that would be esteemed by Christ is a child's expectation to be loved, not hurt. Unless a child has been traumatized somehow, they expect to be loved and nurtured. The source of authentic ultimate love is God the Father. It is through the revelation of Father God in Christ, that one finds the source of genuine love. Believer and non-believers alike, should come in the expectation that they are loved, and that a way has been made to enter fully into that love by Jesus' ministry.
How To Grow As Children of God Children are remarkably authentic. Authenticity is a kingdom necessity. To embrace all that the kingdom offers, one must stop hiding from the Lord and from others.
How To Reach Out to Fellow Believers Avoiding ministry burnout means turning to others to authentically love and receive love as a free choice. Learning to reach out to others in Christ-like love, even to put other's needs above ones own, is a sign of growth and maturity. Unredeemed nature tends towards defensive walls for protection. But those walls are counter productive to spiritual growth.
How To Trust God and Stop Doubting Unless a child has been traumatized, they are inherently trusting of significant others in their lives. Childlike trust is a kingdom quality to which Jesus exhorts believers to attain. Mistrust is a result of injury. The means used to protect one's heart, subsequently, builds walls that keep God's love out. Restoration means taking the walls down through the agency of the Holy Spirit so trust can be regained.
How to Trust God In Your Ministry Work As A Pastor There ae several classic thought processes that often cause burnout. Amoung them is perfectionism, control, lack of delegation and an over-exaggerated sense of one's own importance. Wise counsel and ample time to process new ways of thinking will be what the doctor ordered to bring healing.
How To Worship God in Godly Fear And Reverence God is worthy of honor and worship. His display of power at Sinai was misunderstood. It was meant to draw his bride to him not push her away. When Moses asks to see God's glory, goodness is the theme. But disobedience and rebellion will not go unpunished if it is not acknowledged.
Little Children In The Bible - Why God Wants Us To Become Childlike In Faith Christ's disciples should be as welcoming and approachable as Jesus was and continues to be. He was inclusive, not exclusive, reaching out to Jew and Gentile alike. In the believer's interaction with non-believers, they must exude the same welcoming attitude. In the idological "cultural wars" the church must guard against mean-spirited polarizing. Wisdom would instead embrace the ministry of reconciliation.
Ministry burnout - Serving God with Proper Boundaries Proper boundarires are esential to avoid burnout. One must choose to serve freely, not under coersion or guilt. It is only then that one can serve joyfully.
Pastoral Oversight of Worship, a Lifestyle Worship belongs to the people. Pastors simply give direction so that the collective voice of the congregation is enabled to declare God's goodness and greatness. Pastoral leadership includes modeling worship as participatory not something simply to be observed. Leadership also must exhibit worship as a life style, that worship is not merely what the church does on Sundays,rather, it is lives offered up daily as living sacrifices.
Pastoral Oversight of Worship, Cross-Generational Worship Services Part of worship's restorative results is reaching out to love the poor, widows, orphans, those disposessed who can in no way repay us. Worship that does not result in serevice is not real worship. How is leadership to balance the worship needs of cross-generational fellowships? Blended worship honoring old and new is one answer.
Pastoral Oversight of Worship, Facilitating Encounters All believers are responsible to be worshippers, but not all are gifted to lead. God raises up gifts to edify the body, to be servants who equip the body.Pastoral leadership must be emersed in the Holy Spirit, the real worship leader. Worship opens a place and a space for God to manifest Himself and rule and reign as Lord of our lives. Pastors help people connect the dots between life's challenges and His word and will.
Pastoral Oversight of Worship, Flowing from Praise into Worship There is a biblical flow of worship in which there is an ascent of heart from praise into worship. Praise can be willed. A spirit of worship comes forth from the Holy Spirit through believers hearts. Neither can be hyped. Our emotions are involved to be sure. Our whole personality is to be involved, heart, soul, mind and strength. A Trinitarian understanding of worship is also a wonderful illustration of how the body of Christ is to relate to one another.
Pastoral Oversight of Worship, Incorporating Scripture, Prayer and Communion Worship is response to God's call. Scripture reading lets believers hear His call and be led in response as worship. Congregationsal prayer is part of worship, responding to the word and applying it ones life. Celebrating the Lord's Supper ought not to be guilt ridden and sad, rather a recounting and reinactment of all that Jesus accomplished for believers in His death, burial and resurrection. It is a way of discerning the body of Christ.
Pastoral Oversight of Worship, Offering Comfort Pastors can give a voice to the pain in peoples lives by leading in worship that may be a lament. Over one third of the Psalms are laments offered as worship. He recives even our groans as worship. Pastors remind people of His faithfulness even in difficult times. Leadership in worship reminds people of God's unimaginable love for them as well as His desire to invade the earth with this love through His believers.
Pastoral Oversight of Worship, Proclamation and Song The leadership role of pastoring worship encompases the whole spectrum of worship vehicles, song, word, symbol, prayer, and baptism, all of which should be offered primarily unto the Lord. But they also provide a godly way to exerrcise pastoral leadership in caring for the souls of the congregation. In other words ,leading in worship is part of pastoral care.
Pastoral Oversight of Worship, Relating to the Worship Leader Mutually submissive relationship between pastor and worship leader is essential. Communication of a theological understanding of the full scope of worship's intention and mission will save churches from heavy emphasis on one aspect of worship while neglecting another. It is important that worship reflect accurately the fullness of God's person and character as well as His ultimate purpose for worship.
Pastoral Oversight of Worship, Restoration Understanding the broader scope of worship from God's viewpoint--that of restoration is important for leader and congregation. Worship is not an end in itself. It is part of God's restorative plan for mankind. Nothing gets done in the heavenly throne-room or apparantly on earth, without worship. Giving glory to God is His highest priority for benevolent reasons. Establishing worship priorities and values is essential to stay on track.
Pastoral Oversight of Worship, Setting Expectations and Giving God Glory Pastors and worship leaders need to establish guidlines for posture, presentation, and performance issues. Teams do perform but heart and motivation are key. Glorifying the Lord is the priority. Some things that work in a conceret may not be appropriate for worship. Use of multi media in worship should be evaluated based on drawing people into God's presence. How are worship team standards to be implimented in order to cummunicate what is expected in a way that will keep people accountable.
Pastoral Oversight of Worship, the Pastoral Role The role of the musical part of worship services has increased substantially in the last thirty years along with am emerging ministry of worship leader. But parishoners have been surveyed and a majority identify the role of the pastor as chief worship leader. If the musical part of worship takes often as much as one half hour and upwards has a pastoral understanding of this role been taught and mentored. Also, how involved should a head pastor be in leading the other aspects of worship?
Silence and Meditiation on the Word of God In this frantic environment, believers must learn how to quiet their souls by drawing near to the Lord in intimacy. If one does not do the proper maintenance on one's soul, it will result in forced sabatical brought on by sickness and emotional burnout. Believers must learn the quietness of silence and contemplation as our forefathers taught so peace is the rule rather than the exception in our culture.
Spiritual Warefare - How To Intercede For Others Prayerful rest comes when one is reliant upon the Lord of Hosts to accomplish his will. The question is not whether God is with us. The question is are we with God? His promise is that His presence will go with those who are doing His will and praying His will. Intercessors need to learn the joy of worship as they intercede. worshipers need to learn the work of intercesson. Coupling joy and work sustains rest and longevity.
Spiritual Warfare Is Not Exorcism He prepares a table before me in the presence of His ememies while His lambs recline in peace. He anoints my head with oil...there is an anointing that spoils the enemy of the believer's soul. There remains a Sabbath Rest for His believers who embrace His word of rest.
Spiritual Warfare: Find Peace In God's Pressence Peace is not merely the absence of conflict. One can war in the spirit while being in the peace of Jesus. However, this necessitates be ing yoked together with His will and purposes, not our own. God's sovereign will, by His choice is accomplished through His chilfren's prayers. but they must be prayed in peace, not anxiety, in trust, not as if the intercessors themselves are accomplishing His will.
The Fear Of The Lord Brings Blessings Godly fear is a treasure chest filled with remarkable blessings with the highest being intimacy with the Lord...pleasures forever more. He is unashamed to offer God fearers a plethora of wonderful benefits which ought to encourage believers to press in more and more to fear His name.
The Importance of Patience in Spiritual Warfare Patience waits for God's prayer assignments rather than presumptively taking on issues for which authority has not specifically been given. Intercession, however, is everyone's assignment. It is not a spiritual gift. The one great need of intercessors is to be cloaked in humility--complete dependance uppon the Lord.
True Christians Has The Fear Of The Lord Godly fear is not just mental ascent. It is reflected in corresponding action. The Bible has more than adequate instructions that lead believers into a lifestyle of Godly fear.
What is Childlike Faith? How to Increase Your Faith Belief in God's word and promises are imperative to embrace the provisions and blessings available as a child of God. When unbeif manifests itself in faithlessness, repentance is the response necessary for transformation. Faith is spelled RISK. We must learn to obey even before we understand His command. Undersatanding will come after obedience just as it did for Biblical characters.
What is the Fear of The Lord? The Christian community seems to decry the lack of a genuine fear of God in churches and the culture. How does one differentiate between normal and abhorent human fear, fear of man and fear of God?
Why God Does Not Answer Prayer Quickly A child is persistent to the degree of annoyance. However, Jesus says God will reward that kind of brassiness and persistence. He wants to be passionately sought after. Jesus encourages Christians to mimic this kind of persistence and offers several parables to make His point.
Why Innocence as Christians Is Important One cannot help but be charmed by the innocence of children. Christ has restored innocence for those who will embrace His sustitutionary death at Calvary on our behalf. The way Father God sees Christ, is the same way He sees those in Christ. Believers must see themselves as full-fledged members of the family of God, not lessor sons and daughters.

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