Art by

Rachel Barrett

Rachel has always considered herself an artist, but didn't actually believe she could make a living at it until she was over 40. She wanted to feel that she was contributing something to the world using her God-given talents. So she quit her corporate job and went back to school to expand on the art extension classes she had taken throughout her life. She studied traditional skills in life drawing and even sold watercolor paintings through galleries in Berkeley, California and Santa Fe.

Several years ago she updated her traditional skills with computer skills using software products such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, and began an illustration internship with Letters and Arts. Now she enjoys using these programs on a daily basis to develop many different illustrations in a wide variety of styles. In 2005, she accepted an offer to leave Berkeley and move to Ashland, Oregon where Letters and Arts has its headquarters. She also loves to sing, participating in a number of choirs throughout her community.