Mother's Day Quotations For Mother's Day Cards

Mother's Day Quotes and Wording

Below are some of the best ways to say, "I love you, Mom," this coming Mother's Day. Courtesy of Faithclipart.com, these quotations are free for you to use, or to help spark your creative imagination.

  • I praise the Lord to know you as my mother
  • When you have a mother
    who cares so much for you
    that anything you want
    becomes her desires
    When you have a mother
    who is so understanding that
    no matter what is bothering you
    she can make you smile
    When you have a mother
    who is so strong that
    no matter what obstacles she faces
    she is always confident in front of you
    When you have a mother
    who actively pursues her goals in life
    but includes you in all her goals
    you are very lucky indeed
    Having a mother like this
    makes it easy to grow up
    into a loving, strong adult
    Thank you for
    being this kind
    of wonderful
    -- Susan Polis Schutz
  • A mother like you must be
    the dearest of all God's creations.
  • I can't think of anything
    that is as sweet
    as a mother's love,
    that is as precious
    as you are to me,
    or that is as appreciated
    as you are by every single smile
    within me.

    I love you so much, Mom.
    And I thank God that you're mine.
  • You have shown me how to give of myself
    You have shown me leadership
    You have taught me to be strong
    You have taught me the importance of the family
    You have demonstrated unconditional love
    You have demonstrated a sensitivity to people's needs
    You have handed down to me the important values in life
    You have handed down to me the idea of achieving one's goals
    You have set an example, throughout your life
    of what an ideal mother and woman should be like
    I am so proud of you
    and I love you
  • I Love You, Mom
    ...and I Want You to Know Why
    I Feel So Proud to Be Your Daughter
  • Stepmom: I want you to know
    that you've made
    such a difference
    in my life
    with your warmth
    and kindness.

    You have taken me into your house,
    into your arms,
    and into your life
    with a smile and total acceptance.

    Thank you for your friendship
    and all the times
    when you've listened
    and understood.

    Thank you for loving me
    as if I were your own.

    Please know how much I love you
    and how much you really
    mean to me.
  • May I suggest that on Mother's Day
    you take time to step back,
    and recognize how wonderful you are.
    Thank you for everything that you are and do.
  • You're the world's greatest Mom!
  • To my sweet mom,
    you make life fun!
    Happy Mother's Day
  • You're all the Mom I could ever need!
  • Mom - I just want you to know...
    You're The Best!
  • A grandma is warm hugs
    and sweet memories.
    She remembers all of
    your accomplishments
    and forgets all of your

    She is someone you can tell
    your secrets and worries to,
    and she hopes and prays that
    all your dreams come true.

    She always loves you,
    no matter what.

    She can see past temper tantrums
    and bad moods,
    and makes it clear that they
    don't affect how precious
    you are to her.

    She is an encouraging word
    and a tender touch.

    She is full of proud smiles.

    She is the one person in the world
    who loves you with all her heart,

    who remembers the child you were
    and cherishes the person
    you've become.

Written by: Bob Robertson