The Christian Birthright Of Every Believer

True Sons of God Receive a Birthright with Authority

Circle Fathers Love
The book of Timothy reveals a father's heart to a his son. It was written by the apostle Paul to his spiritual son Timothy. Formerly known as Saul, Paul is best known for his mission to bring the Gospel to the gentiles. Paul's father heart is revealed in his letters to the early churches.

Paul's unmistakable style indicates that he didn't write the letters himself. He spoke as someone transcribed his words etched out in an early form of shorthand onto pieces of wax later to be copied and distributed. The evidence of grammatical errors, run on sentences and sudden transitions in thought reveal to us a man who loves and cares deeply for God and His children.

Paul is known as extremely emotional and in his writings, especially to Timothy, his transparency is moving. The relationship between Paul and Timothy are great examples of how to be a father and how to be a son in the Lord. God's love for His children is paralleled by the Apostle and his son.

It can be said that God is emotional about his sons, so much so that He made the greatest sacrifice of all time. “For God so loved the world, he gave ...“

Paul took on Timothy as his disciple and son. As we see in his letters, Timothy was more than a student of Paul, he was trusted to oversee and speak to the early church with as much authority as Paul himself.

In the natural world, sons carry on the name of the family as a birthright. All a son has to do to receive authority to use the name is to be born. In the kingdom of God, one isn't born a son, he is taught how to be a son. As the son grows in maturity and proves himself trustworthy, he is given authority. Although Timothy never gave personal instruction in Scripture we can conclude that he obeyed his spiritual father in all matters.

To bring perspective into your lives on how the Daddy Law works (read more about the Daddy Law in the introduction to this series), read first and second Timothy thoroughly. Notice the care and adoration that Paul has for him. Timothy is commanded, warned and comforted by his father's words. Imagine yourself as Timothy when you read these letters and as you are pastored. We are all called to be Timothy, to become sons in the Lord and to carry on the family name with honor.

Written by: Roberto Perez