Was Adam God's Son - Creation Of Mankind

Relationships are Inherently Part of the Divine Nature of God

A Fathers Heart
There are few things greater than the bond between father and son. The strength of this bond is a force in the universe appointed by God as an earthly image of His relationship to humankind. We shall call this force or universal truth the “Daddy Law.”

In Genesis, the Daddy Law is seen before the creation. In the beginning, God spoke the heavens and the earth into existence. When He created man, He did not create him in His image and likeness; He created man in “Our image and likeness.” This statement alone tells us that relationship is inherently part of God's divine nature as represented by the Holy Trinity.

For those that are Trinitarian, God is one and God is three. The Father, The Son and the Holy Spirit. The Son is a co-equal with the Father yet is subject to Him. The Holy Spirit is subject to both the Father and the Son.

The book Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo could quite possibly be one of the best and realistic depictions of hell ever written. The story was written in 1938 and takes place during World War 1. It is about and man who stepped on a land mine. His arms, legs, sight, speech and hearing were all stripped from him in a fiery inferno of shrapnel and pain. Without the ability to communicate or to commit suicide, he was driven mad by his own thoughts.

Our ability to communicate is detrimental to our lives and relationships. In the same way the Holy Spirit enables communication with the Son and with the Father. One cannot know God without first having a revelation of Him as revealed by the Holy Spirit. We see in Genesis that dialog and communication were pre-existent to the creation of humanity. Communication is the tie that binds.

The Daddy Law requires relational contact to function. God has revealed Himself to man through His Son Jesus Christ. We have direct communication with Jesus through revelation provided through the Holy Spirit. In turn, we have direct access to God the Father through Jesus.

These days, we find more and more people scarred by their relationships with their fathers. Sometimes it is a dead-beat dad who was never around. But in many cases we see that uncaring fathers do more damage. It is not a surprise that people are reluctant to call God Father when their own father never seemed to care. But as the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words.

God's nature is love. He has painstakingly proved His love over and over again. The Daddy Law exists because the Daddy Law is God. Contrary to popular belief, forgiveness of one's own father has little to do with allowing God to become your father. While forgiveness is a prerequisite for the forgiveness of your own sins, father issues should never hinder your relationship with God.

God is the One that created you and is your true father, but at the same time, He is also your God. Do not confuse the Daddy Law with forgiveness. The Daddy Law is this; no human wants to be fatherless, rather they desire to have a perfect father. Knowing this, one can achieve a father-son relationship with God if they follow their natural inclination to have a perfect father.

The forgiveness comes after, not before, we recognize God as our Father. Those who are Godless do not need to forgive others because they do not need forgiveness themselves. Forgiveness is a by-product of a father-son relationship with God. If you allow yourself to be loved by God and follow His commandments, you will be given the ability to forgive and to love others.

Written by: Roberto Perez