How To Be The Best Father You Can Be

True Fathers Protect and Comfort their Sons

Circle with a Fathers Heart
Nobody in the universe can hope to survive a bear knuckle fist fight with my dad...nobody. My dad is a huge Mexican with a mustache that strikes fear into the hearts of any foe. My father has been both stabbed and clubbed but I have never seen him lose a fight. Around town you hear people telling Chuck Norris jokes such as, “Chuck Norris doesn't push himself up when doing push-ups, he pushes the world down! ” If it came right down to it, I'd put my money on my dad's mustache over Chuck Norris' beard any day. I'm serious.

When I was growing up with my dad, I had no fear when I was with him. One time we visited my grandfather Santos in Fresno, California. My cousin Robert and I were playing with about 15 goats in the backyard when one of the males began attacking us. My father looked out the window and saw us engaged in battle with the fierce beast.

Dad jumped out of the window and at top speed, hopped the four-foot-high fence. As he leaped over it, he extended his foot and landed an earth-shattering jump kick to the side of the goat. The animal literally flew 10 feet! The punishment didn't stop there. I watched as my father made sure the goat never attacked another child. In between blows, I heard my father's words: “That will teach you to mess with my son!“

My cousin and I cheered him on in delight. When it was over, my dad grabbed us up with his huge hands and kissed us on the lips. As my dad went back to the house, Robert and I went back to playing with the goats. The rest of the male goats stayed on the other side of the yard.

When I picture God, I see my father's giant hands. Those calloused and rough hands always brought a sense of safety. The same hands that were used to defend were also the hands that comforted and held me.

This is how I remember my father; as my defense, not as the man who left me when I was 12 years old. For many, getting to know God as their father is painful. This is where the Daddy Law (read about the Daddy Law in the Introduction to this series) comes into effect. God is the true father. He is willing and able to crush those who would dare to mess with His family. He brings comfort to the fatherless and caresses us with strong and calloused hands. Unlike some earthly fathers, God has never broken a promise and has vowed to lever leave us all alone.

Written by: Roberto Perez