What Does It Mean When God Says He Is Our Father?

The Daddy Law is at Work in the Universe

I used to think that the reason the universe was still in existence was because my dad allowed it to. For most boys, their father is bigger, stronger, faster and smarter than every other boy's dad. Superman with all of his super powers could never hope to beat dad at an arm wrestling match. Dad is the hero and everything a growing boy desires to be when he grows up. Even as we begin to notice dad's weaknesses and flaws, sons still carry on their father's personality traits into adulthood.

While some fathers were not proper role models, many sons have grown up without a father. But even the fatherless have the inherent desire to have a dad that could destroy entire armies with his mind powers alone. Those with a less-than-desirable relationship with their father never wish to be fatherless. Instead, they wish their father was more fatherly. Because this is generally a universal desire, it could be said that there is a "daddy" law at work in the universe.

In the Kingdom of God, the “daddy” law begins to make much more sense. We call God our "Father" and because God wants to be seen as dad. And yet, our father issues are often the hardest things to overcome. We often attribute our own dad's personality and flaws to God because of this. Our pastors and priests are also called fathers. How we view our dads is how we view God and our pastors.

A Christian should look into this problem early on. For many it is a painful and daunting task. Memories of neglect, broken promises and hurt will hinder Christian maturity if not dealt with. But this challenge should not take years to handle. Knowledge of the “daddy” law will help you to understand and love God, and to forgive your earthly father. The “daddy” law makes quick work of this often long, drawn out process the world suggests.

This article is an introduction to a series about fathers and sons. We will be reviewing the example of God and Jesus, Timothy and the Apostle Paul, and biological father and son relationships. Jesus Christ Himself is equal to God yet receives His instructions from Him. Timothy was a spiritual son to Paul and trusted as a son to accurately represent Paul and the Gospel. The unique nature of the “daddy law” will help us to become great fathers and sons in the Kingdom of God.

And, yes, the universe is still in existence because our Dad allows it to.

Written by: Roberto Perez