Sharefaith Design Center

Did you know you could create your own designs using the Sharefaith Design Center?

Click on the “My Home” tab when you are logged in to your Sharefaith account and you’ll see what’s popular right now, your favorites that you’ve selected and your designs. There is a link at the bottom of your home page “Start a new design” that takes you to the Design center. From there you can choose from several different sizes or make a custom size design. You can also put captions on Sharefaith images. Once you choose a size, you’ll see the very easy to use design tools that allow you to add text, images, print or download your new design as a PowerPoint slide, a PDF or a JPEG photo quality image.

This fun Beach Party post card took me 5 minutes to make in the Design Center. See what you can do!

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New Christian Video Page on Sharefaith

WOW! Our web developers have outdone themselves to bring an easy to navigate and stunning new page for all our Church videos, video loops and video backgrounds. You’ve just got to take a look at the new videos we have on display and all the previews of the video files you may have missed in the past. All the videos work with the major worship software programs and can be downloaded in a variety of formats in high definition.

Click here to see the new Christian Video page or just go to the Sharefaith site and click on the Video tab that is on the home page. Let us know what you think and try some of the video assets from Sharefaith in your Church this weekend!

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Tip of the Week! – Pray for Restoration

As summer hits full swing, many Pastors, Church leaders and Ministry Executives take some time off to recuperate and recover from a busy Spring season as well as get ready for the upcoming Holiday season. This is a great time to lift our leaders up in prayer. Pray that they will take the time to be refreshed in Christ through His Word and that they will be led beside the still waters that restore both the body and soul as David says in Psalm 23.

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Sunset Worship Video Background

We are always looking for new inspiration for our worship video backgrounds. Instead of doing our popular cross-themed video loops we decided to try something new. This time we added a silhouette of a person sitting on a cliff overlooking a big canyon or terrain. The video loop communicates a feeling of contemplation. We all need a place where we can escape to spend some time with the Lord. Creation has a voice. The voice of the Creator!

The video is available in HD DV quality and presented in four popular formats. View this Sharefaith worship video background and more…

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Announcement Video Loop

We love to create animated video features that enable churches to more effectively communicate their message. This church video announcement loop features some fun animation and gives you the ability to easily add your event list. Why not cut back on printing cost and use video instead?

The video is available in HD DV quality and presented in four popular formats. View this Sharefaith video loop and more…

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New Newsletter Templates from Sharefaith

Sharefaith released today a solution to the burden of complicated newsletter design. Available now on the Sharefaith website is a series of expert newsletter templates for your Church or Ministry.

These Microsoft Word newsletter templates are effective as well as engaging to help you communicate the important and fun happenings in your Church or Ministry. They can be printed, used as an email newsletter template or can be uploaded to your website for your members and staff to download all the most recent information about your calendar events and what is going on in your congregation and community.

Although primarily designed for churches and ministries, these can be used as marketing newsletters as well. Each newsletter comes with an instructional guide to newsletter design & publishing.

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Tip of the Week! – Color Themes at Kuler

When you are putting together an event or promotion for your Church or Ministry, it’s a good idea for your designs to have a color theme to make sure all the colors you use are complimentary. is a site that allows you to browse color themes that have been put together by designers all around the world. By searching the most popular or highest rated themes, you can get ideas for colors that designers feel are a good mix. You can print out these themes and use them at the paint store, fabric or stationery store and even online to create a perfectly color coordinated event.

Sharefaith designers are all highly trained in color themes and have put together images that use the best practices in design so you can be assured they are the highest of quality and designed to be highly effective.

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