Top 10 Christian Authors of All Time


Ever since Moses, Christians have been writing books. These books have been written in stone, on papyrus, and in codices. They’ve been stored in scrolls, museums, and Amazon’s cloud. They’ve been read in catacombs, monasteries, churches, and subways. They have incited revolutions, sparked reform, and hit the top of the New York Times Best Sellers list.

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How to Make Your Church Sound System Rock – 10 Tips when Setting up the Worship Sound System


Setting up a sound system can be messy work. There are twenty different types of cables running in fifty directions, and so often the one guy that wired it all together ten years ago doesn’t come to church anymore. Or maybe your church is mobile and has to set up and break down every single Sunday. Either way, setting up a sound system can be tricky business. Here are my top ten tips to setting up a sound system: Continue reading “How to Make Your Church Sound System Rock – 10 Tips when Setting up the Worship Sound System” »

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Book Review of Don’t Call It a Comeback

Are you an evangelical? Before you answer that question, maybe we need to define what exactly an evangelical is. Is it synonymous with Christianity? Conservative Christianity? American Christianity? Protestant Christianity? Clueless Christianity? In a day of anything-goes evangelicalism a cadre of younger evangelicals has put their heads together to attempt to bring some degree of clarity to the confusion surrounding engimatic evangelicalism. Following is a review of the book, Don’t Call It a Comeback.

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Christian Book Review – The ESV Illustrated Family Bible

As a dad of two small children, I know that most young kids learn better if they can look at some sort of visual while they learn. Hey, it’s not just kids. I’m the same way, which is why Sharefaith focuses on helping churches with their media communication. We have a good collection of storybook Bibles, colorful Bible stories, and even a set of felt characters to put on a colorful felt backdrop.

The ESV Illustrated Family Bible is an excellent resource for an illustrated Bible. It’s a hybrid of a children’s Bible, a storybook condensed version of the Bible, and a Bible with pictures. It contains 270 stories from the Bible, using the actual text of the ESV. Each of the stories has a fresh, attractive, colorful illustrations.

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Want to Win a Free Book? Christian Book Giveaway

We’re giving away a copy of Histories and Fallacies: Problems Faced in the Writing of History. To sign up for the drawing, there’s nothing you need to buy or do, other than enter your name and email address in the form at the end of this post. On Friday at noon EST, we’ll select a winner and announce that day.

More about Histories and Fallacies

Just published this month by Crossway, Carl Trueman’s Histories and Fallacies is the kind of book that takes you up to some screeching intellectual heights, then wows you with those “Huh! Never knew that…” moments. The book guides the reader into a better understanding of what history is, how to interpret it, and, of course, “a fistful of fallacies” (last chapter). If you’ve never read Trueman, you’re in for a treat–albeit a brainy kind of treat. Trueman has a gift for packing each page with cogent, yet readable, value. The fact that this is history from a Christian perspective makes it valuable for the pastor, student, believer, or seeker.

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The book giveaway is now closed.

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Christian Book Review: Shattered by Frank Pastore

Since we’re in the middle of the biggest baseball event in the whole world, I thought I’d provide a review to a book that I listened to (audio version) recently. The book is Shattered, by Frank Pastore.

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The Church Planter by Darrin Patrick – Book Review

Darrin Patrick is the lead pastor of The Journey church in urban St. Louis. Patrick started The Journey church in 2002, and has watched the church expand into a Christ-centered missional force in the city of St. Louis. The multi-site church has over 2,000 regular attendees. In addition to his pastoral responsibilites, Darrin Patrick is the vice President of the Acts 29 network, and regular contributor to The Resurgence. Here is a review of his new book, The Church Planter.

Note: Sharefaith Blog will be conducting an interview with the author, Darrin Patrick. Keep up with the blog for when the interview will be released.

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