Jesus Never Actually Said These Twenty Things


We hear and read a lot of things attributed to Jesus that just might not be. Do we make God in our own image? Whether it’s cultural values blending with biblical ideas or simply well-intentioned but poor theology, we put words in the mouth of Christ. Here are 20 things that might be attributed to Jesus or the Bible yet do not quite make the grade.

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60 Bible Verses About the Resurrection of Jesus


The flesh and blood resurrection of Jesus Christ is the cornerstone of our Christian faith. Its implications are simply staggering, both for who Jesus truly is and for who we can be, through faith in him. Our Savior has risen! This is a truth that should always be on our lips and ever upon our hearts. Today, be encouraged by these 60 passages of Scripture, all related to the Resurrection!

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10 Ways to Encourage Spirit Filled Worship


If you want to start a “spirited” discussion amongst Christians, ask them to define/describe Spirit filled worship. For some it is found in the passionate, energetic expressions of worship that bring the faithful to their feet, clapping, singing, even shouting God’s praise. Others find it in the overwhelming sense of God’s presence as one quietly prays in the places of great reverence and stillness that honor God. Some will want to quote the Bible to you. But which passage? Is it one of the many demonstrating exuberance and power before the Lord, like David dancing in the procession of the Ark or the coming of the Spirit to the disciples? Or do we look at the times when the Spirit comes in stillness, as in a whisper in 1 Kings to Elijah or the woman who washed the feet of Christ with her tears? How can we, as worship leaders, know if our  encouragement to others to engage the Spirit in worship is effective if the outward evidence of this worship is so diverse? 

Here are 10 thoughts and suggestions to focus our hearts on the Spirit in worship so that we can, with confidence, know that our worship is Spirit filled. Continue reading “10 Ways to Encourage Spirit Filled Worship” »

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Top 20 Worship Songs Of This Decade (2010-2016)



There are some amazing new worship songs that have made a penetrating impact this current decade. Now that we have less than half way to go, it’s a good time to look at the music that has not only topped charts, but inspired and deepened the worshippers all over the world. Perhaps there are some trends to consider. Of course a list like this cannot contain many incredibly inspiring songs—and there are many! With diverse expressions of worship, no one style, artist, or song fits all. We think you that beautiful fact will be clear when you see the list of the Top 20 Worship Songs of this Decade. Continue reading “Top 20 Worship Songs Of This Decade (2010-2016)” »

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10 Procedures to Follow When Firing Church Staff


One of the most difficult aspects of managing church employees is the inevitable reality that there will come a time when someone needs to be terminated. As Christians, we should be even more sensitive to how losing a job can affect an employee and their family.

This is coupled with the political fallout if the employee and their extended family happen to be members of the church. All of these dynamics make the decision, and process of firing church employees, a difficult one.

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10 Boundaries All Children’s Volunteers Must Respect



Boundaries are a part of our daily lives. From traffic signals to numbered vacation days, they are needed tools. But for children, boundaries are more than a useful tool, they serve as foundations by which our little ones find safety, security and confidence. Without clearly set and respected boundaries, our children are set adrift. As those who serve children, defining and respecting boundaries is a must. We owe it to our kiddos to maintain an environment in which they can thrive. The craziness of children’s ministry can make boundary lines easy to blur, so let’s clearly define 10 and why each is so important. Continue reading “10 Boundaries All Children’s Volunteers Must Respect” »

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5 Signs Boys Join Youth Group For the Wrong Reasons.


You got into youth ministry because you wanted to make a difference. You remember how challenging those years were: peer pressure, puberty, breakups, makeups and then breakups again. Now that you’ve come through the other side, you want to help the next generation. However, you’ve got a sneaking suspicion that some of the boys you are trying to help could care less. Continue reading “5 Signs Boys Join Youth Group For the Wrong Reasons.” »

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20 Christian Women Who Died as Martyrs


“For me to live is Christ; to die is gain,” says Paul (Phil 1:21), who was beheaded for the faith in Rome. In fact, all the disciples were violently killed except for John. Still the message spread. And martyrdom never stopped. Today, 322 Christians are killed for their faith every month, not counting the other violent acts perpetrated on Christians (according to Open Doors,

What follows are just over 20 women martyred for the Gospel. We hope their stories will inspire you to “live a life worthy of the calling you have received” (Eph. 4:1) and to be renewed in taking up your cross daily no matter what it might cost you. Continue reading “20 Christian Women Who Died as Martyrs” »

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10 Mistakes All Worship Leaders Make



If you are a worship leader there is only one thing can you be certain of: at some point you will make a mistake, or two, or a dozen! Here are some of my best and worst mistakes. My hope is that you will find affirmation, comfort, and even resolve in the ones you too have made and perhaps be able to avoid the ones that you have yet to make.

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2016 Easter & Spring Sharefaith Product Releases - Top Church Bible Ministry and Outreach Resources

Boy are we excited to tell you about our awesome new product release! We also have a ton of new features and upcoming releases that will make 2016 the biggest and best year yet! We’ve always said that you cannot find more value and quality at this price point anywhere, and that, now more than ever, is true! Your Sharefaith membership has once again quadrupled in value. We love it, and so will you!

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