Introducing Sharefaith Giving – Radically Increase Your Tithing & Giving


Today is a big day for Sharefaith and for you!

With research suggesting that only 15% of church-going Christians tithe, Sharefaith has the goal of partnering with churches to change that trend. That’s why we worked hard to bring you Sharefaith Giving – a complete giving platform that includes online, mobile and text giving, as well as event registration. No need to download an app. Now anyone can tithe anywhere, at any time.

What should you do next? Go discover Sharefaith Giving and learn all about this complete powerhouse giving platform. Then signup for our free Giving webinar, this Thursday 11/19/15 at 11AM Pacific, where we’ll do a hands-on walkthrough of the entire product!




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4 Reasons Why Your Worship Service Needs More Scripture


I am sitting in a coffee shop thinking about my worship experiences over the last several years. I have been blessed to be involved with many churches and therefore, a healthy number of worship services across all the major demographic areas. While there are many people talking about the role of the arts, especially music, in worship, there is one area that no one seems concerned about: Scripture. It is almost like it is assumed that since there is a sermon then there must be Scripture. Actually, in my experience, it is a shocking fact that while there may be a lengthy sermon, long song sets, elaborate prayers and other “acts” of worship, there is considerably less actual Word than there are of expressions of the Word. That should be a concern for us all. Here are 4 reasons we need to read more Scripture when we gather for worship. Continue reading “4 Reasons Why Your Worship Service Needs More Scripture” »

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Shepherding Through Social Media: 8 Tips on Fostering Fellowship and Spiritual Growth


Let all bitterness, wrath, anger, clamor, and evil speaking be put away from you, with all malice. And be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ forgave you. (Ephesians 4:31-32)

In a space that often contains political rants, kitty videos, and endless distraction lies opportunity for spiritual impact. In a spiritual community, it seems wise to learn to be who we are in all the places we live—whether online, at the workplace, or in our neighborhood. Imagine the tools of social media on your smart phone and computer actually helping foster fellowship and spiritual growth. The choice is ours use this medium as a distraction or something more. But, how do we do this? Continue reading “Shepherding Through Social Media: 8 Tips on Fostering Fellowship and Spiritual Growth” »

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Top 20 Christian Christmas Carols and Hymns of All Time



‘Tis the season for those Christmas carols that we all know and love. Every year we are blessed with the opportunity to remember our Lord Jesus Christ and to sing carols that warm our hearts and glorify Him. Many carols have been written throughout time, but there are few that can be considered a top Christmas carol or hymn. Each carol or hymn has a story behind them, some more intriguing than others as you will see. Here is our list of the top 20 most popular carols and hymns of all time and a little snippet of how they came about. Songs have been chosen based on popular organic searches through Google.    Continue reading “Top 20 Christian Christmas Carols and Hymns of All Time” »

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3 Simple Steps to Dramatically Improve Your Worship Service


If you are a hard working, conscientious worship leader, you are always striving toward making your worship better; better for you, for your team, and of course, better for your congregation. Sometimes we just run out of new ideas and need a little push to get our creative motor running again. Here are 3 simple steps to get you moving in that direction. Continue reading “3 Simple Steps to Dramatically Improve Your Worship Service” »

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Feeling Pastor Burnout? Here’s How to Get Back on Track – Part 2 of 2



Ministry burnout can be a real challenge to serving the Lord in the church. There are many reasons you may find yourself in this position. Once you have determined that you are dealing with burnout, then identifying and facing those reasons is important. Only by being honest with ourselves and dealing proactively with these issues can we begin the process of putting out the fire of burnout and relighting the blaze of healthy ministry.
In the last article I looked at identifying the problem of burnout. Now lets talk about the steps we need to take to move toward an exit from burnout and a reentry into the joy of ministry.

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How to Deal With Spiritual Bullies at Church


You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. The senior pastor invited me into his office during the tail end of a meeting. Immediately I became witness to a confrontation that I should have never seen. With brazen execution a parishioner pointed her finger at the pastor as she threatened to take her popular non-profit ministry and all the money raised somewhere else if the pastor did not give her what she wanted. Unbeknownst to me, I walked into a bully with my pastor as the victim. The scene was like the back room of a corporate company takeover. This prominent leader in the church clearly was leveraging her status and money to intimidate our pastor. Apparently, this leader’s spiritual good works allowed Machiavellian posturing. She got her way. But, people were hurt in the process. All of this happened unseen, as often is the case in spiritual bullying.

Continue reading “How to Deal With Spiritual Bullies at Church” »

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8 Qualities of a Great Church Manager


Anyone who has ever held a management position understands the challenges that come with managing employees. Managers are responsible for job skills development and holding employees accountable for completing job tasks. People in management positions, need to have an aptitude for dealing with the many diverse aspects of interacting with employees. A great manager cares about the employee on a personal level as well as the employee’s ability to accomplish key responsibilities. Continue reading “8 Qualities of a Great Church Manager” »

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This Week’s Sharefaith Spotlight: Rend Collective


This week’s edition of Sharefaith Music Spotlight, we will be going out of the country and highlighting a band that calls Ireland home, Rend Collective. This band is a fairly young band that has only been around since 2010. Starting their music career under their former name, The Rend Collective Experiment, RC hails from Bangor, Ireland. They feature quite a unique style of music spanning many genres from folk, rock, and experimental, all with an Irish twist.

Continue reading “This Week’s Sharefaith Spotlight: Rend Collective” »

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Feeling Pastor Burnout? Here’s How to Get Back on Track – Part 1 of 2



Stay in ministry long enough and it will happen to all of us at one time or another. The alarm goes off in the morning and instead of looking forward to going to church and leading worship, we have a sinking sense of “something is not right” in our gut. Maybe it is conflict, either among staff or worship team members, maybe it is the complaints of congregation members, or just that stale feeling that you just aren’t that into it any more. However it manifests itself into your worship leading life, burnout has arrived and is driving you away from ministry, and maybe even away from God. Continue reading “Feeling Pastor Burnout? Here’s How to Get Back on Track – Part 1 of 2” »

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