Trusting God – His Ways Are Higher Than Yours


As leaders, we face the dichotomy of leading and being vulnerable. When this happens, we can so quickly forget about trusting God. We feel like we are unable to be vulnerable because we are leaders. The irony! Our self-confidence slowly dwindles and we soon shrink into a state of isolation for fear of being identified as unfit to lead. By not trusting in God to provide for us we decide to honor ourselves rather than our Creator.

Our lack of confidence resides in our inability to trust in God. Our failure to trust Him stems from our fear of losing control. Control births the very nature that leads us to impulsively steward our lives into a direction we often deem appropriate. Many times this course is way off, leading to frustration, doubt, and a misunderstanding of God’s provision and plan. (more…)

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Church Volunteers – 10 Proven Ways to Recruit and Keep Them

Church Volunteers Image - lone man in pews

Finding and keeping church volunteers for any organization or event can be difficult, and for a church, this challenge usually is increased. There are natural reasons for it. First, church happens weekly. There’s no perceived end and the schedule can feel exhausting. Second, people have tremendous needs and often see their church attendance as a time to alleviate life’s pressures. Third, they may have a mistaken view of the clergy’s role to, “take care of it all”. Some of the following 10 ways to recruit and keep volunteers may seem obvious, but they are often overlooked.

10 Proven Ways to Recruit and Keep Church Volunteers


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5 Surefire Sunday School Teaching Tips

Sunday school teaching tips

Teaching children is one of the most rewarding opportunities a person can undertake. But it is also an opportunity that can turn into a train wreck if the wrong approach is taken. Children are hard-wired for messages full of interaction and engagement…not an hour-long lecture. If you’ve attempted the hour-long lecture, you have most likely made the vow: “never again!” Lets face it, we could all use some some Sunday school teaching tips from time to time.

Children’s ministry is a unique audience that requires a unique approach. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro, or being asked to teach Sunday school for the first time, here are some surefire solutions. (more…)

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10 Things to Practice for Worship Techs


Technical skills are important and hard to hone with the limited time a volunteer sound tech has available. Being a sound operator in church requires much more than technical acumen, it also requires an understanding of why we do what we do and for whom.  Although there are dozens of things to practice, I’ve limited this article to the ones that follow. (more…)

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30 Must-See Inspirational Christian Videos To Watch

inspirational christian videos top 30 list

Distractions often are needed throughout our day, calling for that Facebook meme or Youtube shock. But, maybe you are in need of a true lift—some inspiration. We decided to pull out and post 30 inspirational Christian videos to encourage you in your faith! Whether it’s a spoken word, a song, or a film short, we hope you can take a pause instead of a distraction today. Try one, or more and please tell us about how you’ve been lifted or encouraged.


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Top 100 Bestselling Church Leadership Books


James tells us that, “Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly” (3:1) How much more are those who shepherd, lead and teach the teachers? You are responsible for breathing in the life of the Spirit in every word and action. You are given the charge to disciple and build a sanctuary in a land weary with the Fall. We hope this list of top leadership books will equip you in your ministry and overall path, that you may bear the marks of Christ in your work. We pray you might be built up in the faith as you embody His hands and feet in fields, as Jesus reminds us, that are ripe for harvest (John 4:35).


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10 Ways to Judge Popular Christian Books for Heresy!


Christian books are popular, millions being sold not only in the local Bible and book shop, but at Targets and airports around the globe. While the word heresy is a strong word, all it means is a divergence from the authoritative belief system. Merriam-Webster says it means “a belief or opinion that does not agree with the official belief or opinion of a particular religion.” In this case, “official” means Christian history and biblical authority. Basically, if a Christian author is clearly outside of what has been historically Christian and is not backed up by the Bible as their authority, it can be called heresy. (more…)

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When Churches Do This, Worship Can Be Amazing!


Churches are always looking for ways to make their worship “better,” whatever that means. But we often think that means spending money, or working to make people happier about worship. Actually, there are several basic things that, when done well, make our worship services rise beyond our expectations and the expectations of our congregation. In this article, I will deal with one key action that can be enacted in multiple ways, all working toward achieving the same key goal – accessibility! (more…)

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How To Start A Women’s Bible Study Group


Women thrive on fellowship and bible studies are a great way to make friends, identify prayer partners and grow in your faith. Starting a woman’s bible study requires some planning. However, once a planning process is created it can be developed into a humming machine that simply needs to be oiled on occasion. (more…)

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How to develop a Sunday School Budget



Putting together a budget rarely ranks high on our ministry to-do list. In fact, many of us would prefer to work back-to-back services with toddlers rather than plan out a year’s worth of income and expenses. However, a failure to budget wisely can quickly lead to frustration for you, other departments within your church, and even the children you serve.

Most of us did not get into ministry to crunch numbers, but a budget is much more than a math problem for you and your team to solve. In fact, a budget serves three key functions in your Sunday School department: (more…)

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