Start Live Streaming Your Church Service In 7 Days

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Live streaming isn’t as complicated as you think, especially with Sharefaith’s custom live streaming solution for churches. Though it might be hard to believe, most Sharefaith churches get up and streaming in less than 7 days. Check out this article to find out how.

Start Live Streaming Your Church Service In 7 Days

Part 1 of the Conversation:

“Wouldn’t it be great to broadcast our services live onto our website? I noticed that the church down the street started doing that a few months back and it looks really nice. I know that a lot of people in our community come to our website to see what we’re like before visiting, so it would be really neat to be able to give them a glimpse into our Sunday morning worship through online video. We do have a lot of members that are homebound or in the hospital, as well, so live streaming would probably be a real blessing to them, too.”

Part 2 of the Conversation:

“As much as I’d love to look into what this might look like for our church, I bet broadcasting video online is really complicated and expensive. We are really busy on Sunday mornings, too, so this would be another thing that would take more volunteers and I’m just not sure that we could manage this. We’d have to find a volunteer who is really techy, as well, and I’m just not sure that we have a person who fits that mold. Well, maybe we’ll stream our services one day, but it’s probably just too much to look into now. Let’s revisit broadcasting online in a year or so.”

In recent years, I’ve spoken with thousands of pastors and church staffers about incorporating live video streaming into their ministries. Though every conversation is a bit different, there’s usually one common thread that finds its way into every conversation, and that is that nearly everyone thinks that live video streaming is more complicated and expensive than it really is. In light of such presuppositions, I thought it might be helpful to share a quick outline on how the average church can get up and running with live video streaming in just 7 days. Without further ado, here’s how to get your ministry up and broadcasting in a week or less.

Day One: Do Your Research

Live video streaming is a vast subject. There are a lot of companies with live streaming offerings out there, so it’s worthwhile to spend a bit of time researching your options. Though many streaming solutions have been designed for businesses, there are custom plans with pricing and feature sets that are constructed with churches in mind. Check out Sharefaith’s live streaming plan here, as it’s designed specifically for churches and doesn’t even require a computer or volunteer to run!

Day Two: Pick a Provider

As with many things in life, it’s a good idea to sleep on decisions that are bigger than what you’re going to order for lunch that day. Take a day to ask around your church office to see if everyone is on the same page as far as streaming goes. Once day two arrives, if everyone is agreed on the provider you picked, then hop online and fill out whatever information is necessary for you to get up and streaming by the end of the week.

Day Three: Buy a Camera

Today is shipping day. If you chose Sharefaith streaming with 2 day shipping, day 3 is a good day to pick a camera if you don’t already have one. For first time streamers I always recommend the crawl/walk/run approach to buying a camera. One day you might want to invest 4 figures in a camera, but as you begin streaming, a $200-$300 HD handycam should do the trick.

Day Four: Do a Little Testing

Whoo-hoo! Your live video streaming hardware has just arrived from Sharefaith, and the wonderful news is that, though it retails at $499, Sharefaith gives it to all of their churches for FREE (insert happy dance here)! Now that you have your streaming hardware, Sharefaith provides 7 day streaming support for all of its clients, so give a call in and we’ll help you do a bit of testing.

Day Five: Get Up and Streaming

Okay, so technically you can get up and streaming right after your testing is done, but sometimes it’s good to have a day designated for testing before your actual stream begins. So now that it’s day 5 and you tested yesterday, you’re all ready to begin streaming. Wow, it’s only day 5, too, so you didn’t even need a week. Well done, overachiever!

Day Six: Take a Nap

Now that you’re already up and streaming, you deserve a little “you time.” What says “pat yourself on the back” like taking a nap? In my book, not much! Close your eyes for at least 15 minutes and take a little power nap. Hey, you deserve it, you just got your church up and streaming in less than a week. Not bad.

Day Seven: Keep Streaming

One more great thing about Sharefaith’s streaming plan is that it allows churches to stream as much as they want, so get creative. Outside of your Sunday service, you can stream Bible Studies, Sunday School classes, or even online devotions for people to check out throughout the week. Get creative, your new streaming solution is a great tool to share the Gospel and spur others on toward following Jesus in their day-to-day lives.


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Brett-BoxCast-150x150 - Video MinistryBrett Bzdafka is a former Pastor and Bible Professor, Brett has a BA from the Moody Bible Institute and MDiv from Columbia International University. As Church Development Manager at BoxCast, a live video streaming company founded and led by believers, Brett enjoys connecting with church leaders and enabling them to spread their ministry beyond the walls of their church through technology.