Overview of Sharefaith Church Website Control Panel

This tutorial will guide you through the name and functionality of each of the functions on your control panel. Your control panel is your main work area to update and maintain your church website.

The image to the left should look similar to the main controls on the left on your admin login. Some categories may be expanded and showing more options. There may also be numbers next to the main categories. Let’s go down the list and explain what each one of these controls are for.

  • Posts – This is where you can edit your welcome message on your home page.
  • Media – This is the management location for all your audio, video and graphics.
  • Pages – This is where all your main content lives. Every page you create will be displayed as a menu item on your website. Please note that having too many pages or long titles will cause the main menu to break. That is why we created Sub-pages. Your main pages is your top category links. You can create unlimited subpages.
  • Appearance – This tab controls most of the aesthetics of the site. It contains the following pages.
    Themes – This is where your Sharefaith website and themes lives.
    Widgets – This is where all your sidebar elements are controlled.
    Theme Options – This is where you set your church logo, change your theme, and update your rotating home page banners.
  • Plugins – Plugins allow your site to have additional functionality. Only use Sharefaith-recommended plugins.
  • Users – Here, you can manage all the users on the site. User types range from Administrator to Subscribers.
  • Tools –  It allows you to backup your site content to a file on your computer.
  • Settings – Controls the overall functionality of your site. We do not recommend changing anything here unless you are an advanced user.
  • Contact – This contains the settings for the contact form on the “contact us” page.